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The design principle that divides and image into nine equal parts-3 rows, 3 columns-and places the area of emphasis at one of the intersections?
Rule of Thirds
2. Why would you create snapshots in the History panel?
Snapshots let you apply different filters and effects to the same document and compare the results.
7. You are using a small image to create a custom brush. You want the brush to have crisp edges. How do you do that?
While painting with the brush, set the Hardness of the sampled brush to 100%.
8. Name two options that use "fuzziness" as one of its parameters.
1. Image>Adjustments>Replace Color
2. Select>Color Range
9. In what form are initial, rough designs presented to the client for their approval?
A preliminary mock-up
11. You are working on a design in which the client has suggested fonts for use to use. You, as the designer, believe the fonts are unattractive for the design. What should you do?
Raise your concerns about the font choices and present alternative suggestions.
13. Which of the following are three of the effects of applying the Flatten Image command in Adobe Photoshop? (choose three)
1. All selected layers are flattened into a single layer.
2. Hidden layers are discarded.
3. Reduces the file size.
14. What color mode gives you access to the greatest number of Photoshop features for editing?
15. You've taken a series family photos. The photo that the family likes the best has a family member standing too far from the rest of the group. Which feature is the best to use to move the person closer to the rest of the group?
Content-Aware Move
16. What is the quickest way to convert an image to black-and-white non-destructively?
Create an adjustment layer using the Black & White menu option.
17. Which of the following is an advantage of linking images in Photoshop versus embedding them?
Linked files automatically update inside of Photoshop when the original is updated and saved.
18. Intellectual property does not include which of the following:
19. Under which of the following conditions can you use copyrighted work?
You follow fair use laws.
20. Which of the following are true regarding vector masks in Photoshop (choose three)?
1. The mask shape can be altered at a later date without affecting the pixels they show or hide.
2. The mask creates clean edges because it uses sharp-edged shapes.
3. The masks are resolution INdpendent and can be enlarged​ easily.
21. You are designing for a client who sells clothing to females, ages 16-28. What would be the best way to determine the best styles to use when designing ads for this client?
Interview the client. Ask specific questions to determine their goals/expectations for the design.
22. When thinking about typography in a design, which two facts should you always keep in mind when designing? (choose two)
1. When adding text to an ad, pay particular attention to the font style, spacing, and color.
2. You should choose font families that help convey the style and image of the business and products being advertised.
24. What is the function of the icon A in the image?
It indicates that a smart filter effect has been applied to the layer.
25. What is the function of the icon B in the image?
It allows you to add a layer style to a particular layer.
26. What is the function of the icon C in the image?
It hides the currently applied filter.
27. What is the function of the icon D in the image?
It indicates that a layer style has already been applied to the layer.
28. What is Camera Raw also known as?
Digital negative
29. Which design principle can be represented with an overlay when using the Crop tool?
Rule of Thirds
30. Which file format supports full transparency without the need to add a matte or dither?
31. Which color mode is the most effective when an image will be printed in a magazine?
32. Without changing an images color mode, how could your make a color image appear black and white?
Image>Adjustments>Black & White
33. How can an RBG image be temporarily viewed in CMYK?
View>Proof Setup>Working CMYK
34. Which sharpening method allows you to adjust the Amount, Radius, and Threshold?
Unsharp Mask
35. Which is the proper menu path to save a custom arrangement of panels in Photoshop?
Window>Workspace>New Workspace