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0-3 months - calms self, regulates sleep, notices sights, sound, touch, and movement

Falling in Love

2-7 months - attachment to significat others, responds to facial expresions

Purposeful Communication

3-10 months - reciprocal interaction initiated by adults and will initiate interactions

Emergence of organized sense of self

9-18 months - focused and organized with play, knows ways to get reactions, initiates complex behaviors, feels emotions of shame, joy, empathy, anger

Creating Emotional Ideas

18-36 months - uses words and gestures, associates people with functions

Emotional Thinking

30-48 months - differentiates real vs not real, follows rules, understands relationships among behavior, feelings and consequenes

The World is my oyster

5-7 years - minimal assistance for self-care, enjoys relationship with parents, forms relationship with peers, asserts own will with peers, Better understands reality limits

The world is other kids

8-10 years - cares about role in peer group, has friends including best friend, maintains relationship with parents, enjoy fantasy, follows rules

The world is inside me

11-12 years - children began focusing on their inner goals and values developing internal systems of right and wrong, one or few intimate friends

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