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  1. The idea of "multiple use resource management" incldued all of the following practives except
  2. America's initial Open Door Policy was essentially an argument to promote
  3. Before he was elected president in 1912, Woodrow Wilson had been
  4. Teddy Roosevelt weakend himself politically after his election of 1904 when he
  5. Passage of the Federal Meat Inspection Act was especially facilitated by the publication of
  1. a damming of rivers
  2. b ?
  3. c announced that he would not be a candidate for a third term as president
  4. d state governor
  5. e Upton Sinclairs The Jungle

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  1. sent American marines to Haiti
  2. e
  3. Square Deal
  4. Pres. Harrison's term expird and anti imperialist Cleveland became president
  5. dollar diplomacy

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  1. According to progressives the cure for all American democracy ills wasb)the wretched condition of its navy
    by the 1890s the US was bursting with a new sense of power generated by an increase in population, wealth, industrial production


  2. Which term best characterizes Woodrow Wilson's approach to American foreign policymoralistic


  3. Pres. McKinley justified american acquisition of the philippines primarily by emphasizing thatb)their economic potential for American businessmenn seeking trade with China and other Asian nations


  4. in 1899, guerilla warfare broke out in the Philippines becauseb)the US refused to five the Filipino people their independence


  5. Match each early-twentieth century muckracker below with the target of his or her exposeprove that the government, not private business, ruled the country