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  1. The political roots of the progressive movement lay in the
  2. Match (Pullman strike)
    A.Richard Olney
    B.Eugene V. Debs
    C.George Pullman
    D. John P. Altgeld
    1.Head of the American Railway union that organized the strike
    2.Governor of Illinois who sympathized with the striking workers
    3.United States attorney general who brought in fderal troops to crush the strike
    4.Owner of the "palace railroad car" company and the company town where the strike began
  3. US naval captain Mahan argued that
  4. The settlement house and women's club movements were crucial centers of female pgrogressive activity because they
  5. All of the following characteristics describe William Jennings Bryan in 1869 except
    a)he had a brilliant mind
    b)he was very youthful
    c)he was an energetic and charismatic campaigher
    d)he was an excellent orator
    e)he radiated honesty and sincerity
  1. a introduced many middle-class women to a broader array of urban social problems and civic concerns
  2. b the Greenback Labor Party and the populist
  3. c A-3 B-1 C-4 D-2
  4. d b)control of the sea was the key to world domination
  5. e a

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  1. the Women's Christian Temperance union
  2. pulled the American economy out of a recession
  3. dollar diplomacy
  4. prove that the government, not private business, ruled the country
  5. ?

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  1. Congress passed the Underwood Tariff becausePresident wilson aroused public opinion to support its passage


  2. When Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle, he intended his book to focus on attention on thethe Greenback Labor Party and the populist


  3. In 1904 the Russo-Japanese War started because
    a)Russia was seeking ice free ports in Chinese Manchuria
    b)the US refused to force Russia from Sakhalin Island
    c)Russia had forced Japan out of China
    d)Russia feared growing Japanese power in the Pacific
    e)of racial tensions between Russians and Japanese


  4. The British gave up their opposition to an American controlled isthmian canal because they
    a)sold their rights to Philippe Bunau-Varilla
    b)could see no economic gans in continuing to block cancal construction
    c)confronted an unfriendly Euope and were bogged down in the Boer War
    d)were involved in a war with India
    e)accepted American domination of Latin America
    b)Platt Amendment


  5. Most muckrakers believed that their primary function in the pgoressive attack on social ills was tomake the public aware of social problems