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  1. Lincoln Steffens in his sereies of articles entitled, "The Shame of the Cities"
  2. While president Theodore Roosevelt chose to label his reform proposals as the
  3. Starting in 1917 many Puerto Ricans came to the mainland US seekinjg
  4. When Jane Addams placed Teddy Roosevelts name in nomination for the presidency in 1912, it
  5. American imperialists who advocated acquisition of the Philippines especially stressed
  1. a Square Deal
  2. b unmasked the corrupt alliance between big business and municipal government
  3. c e)employment
    The Roosevelt Corollary added a new provision to the Monroe Doctrine that was specifically designed to e)justify US intervention inthe affairs of Latin American countries
  4. d symbolized the rising political status of women
  5. e b)their economic potential for American businessmenn seeking trade with China and other Asian nations

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  1. d
  2. more democracy
  3. progressive education
  4. d)arbitration of the Venezuelan and British colonies
  5. c

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  1. in 1899, guerilla warfare broke out in the Philippines becauseb)the US refused to five the Filipino people their independence


  2. In a bid to win labor's support, the Populist Party
    a)supported restrictions on immigration
    b)nominated Samule Gompers for president
    c)opposed injunctions against labor strikes
    d)endorsed workmen's compensation laws
    e)proposed a law guaranteeing the right to organize and strike


  3. Match each 1912 presidential candidate below with his political partyc)the Pres. could take any action not specifically prohibited by the laws and the Constitution


  4. One unusual and significant characteristic of the anthracite coal strike in 1902 was thatsought not to overthrow capitalism but to cleanse it iwth democratic controls.


  5. The independent republic annexed by the US during the Spanish-American War, but not acquired as a result of the warissue paper money and increase the amount of money in circulation


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