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  1. The progressive movement was instrumental in getting the Seventeenth amendment added to the constitution, which provided for
  2. As governor of New Jersey, Woodrow Wilson established a record as
  3. Teddy Roosevelt weakend himself politically after his election of 1904 when he
  4. When Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle, he intended his book to focus on attention on the
  5. To regain the power that the people had lost to the "interests", progressive advocated all of the following except
  1. a direct election of senators
  2. b passionate reformer
    Woodrow Wilson's political philosophy included all of the following except scorn for the ideal of self - determination for minority peoples in other countries
  3. c socialism
  4. d plight of the workers in the stockyards and meat-packing industry.
  5. e announced that he would not be a candidate for a third term as president

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  1. issue paper money and increase the amount of money in circulation
  2. b)control of the sea was the key to world domination
  3. sought not to overthrow capitalism but to cleanse it iwth democratic controls.
  4. William Howard Taft had seemed ot discard Roosevelt's policies
  5. b

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  1. According to the text, Teddy Roosevelts most enduring achievement may have beentame capitalism


  2. In 1912, Woodrow Wilson ran for the presidency on the Democratic platform that included all of the following except a call forDollar diplomacy


  3. Of the following legislation aimed at resource conservation, the only one associate with Roosevelt's presidency was theb)the US refused to five the Filipino people their independence


  4. Match each 1912 presidential candidate below with his political partyit gave the voters a clear choice of political and economic philosophies.


  5. The Democratic party nominee for president in 1896 was___ the Republicans nominated ____ and the Populists endorsed_____state governor