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  1. in 1899, guerilla warfare broke out in the Philippines because
  2. The following were among the platform planks adopted by the Populist Party in their convention of 1892:
  3. The four states completely carried by the Populists in the election of 1892 were
  4. The independent republic annexed by the US during the Spanish-American War, but not acquired as a result of the war
  5. America's initial Open Door Policy was essentially an argument to promote
  1. a Kansas, Colorado, Idaho, and Nevada
  2. b ?
  3. c government ownership of the railroads, telephone, and telegraph, free and unlimited coinage of silver in the ration of 16 to 1, a one-term limit on the presidency, immigration restrictions
  4. d b)the US refused to five the Filipino people their independence
  5. e a)Philippines

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  1. sought not to overthrow capitalism but to cleanse it iwth democratic controls.
  2. a) American laws did not necessarily apply
  3. e) the aggressive new national mood
  4. Monroe Doctrine
  5. threatening to sieze the mines and to operate them with federal troops

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  1. The monetary inflation needed to relieve the social and economic hardships of the late nineteenth century eventually came as a result of
    a) the gold standard
    b)McKinley'sadoption of the bimetallic standard
    c)an increase in the international gold supply
    d)Populist fusion with the Democratic party
    e)the creation of the Federal Reserve Board
    Square Deal


  2. The greatest loss of life for American fighting men durin the Spanish-american War resulted fromd)sickness in both Cuba and the US


  3. In an attempt to persuade Spain to leave Cuba or to encourage the US to help Cuba gain its independence Cuban insurrectose) adopted a scorched-earth policy of burning can fields and sugan mills


  4. In a bid to win labor's support, the Populist Party
    a)supported restrictions on immigration
    b)nominated Samule Gompers for president
    c)opposed injunctions against labor strikes
    d)endorsed workmen's compensation laws
    e)proposed a law guaranteeing the right to organize and strike
    dollar diplomacy


  5. Which of the following was not among the issues addressed by women in progressive movement?e