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  1. The extended Open Door policy advocated in Secretary John Hay's second note called on all big powers, including the US, to
    a)recognize Philippine independence at an early date
    b)guarantee the independence of Cuba
    c)maintain a balance of power in East Asia
    d)observe the territorial integrity of China
    e)pursue further investment in China
  2. cause of the benefits that it conferred on labor, Samuel Gompers called the ______________ "labor's Magna Charta."
  3. The British gave up their opposition to an American controlled isthmian canal because they
    a)sold their rights to Philippe Bunau-Varilla
    b)could see no economic gans in continuing to block cancal construction
    c)confronted an unfriendly Euope and were bogged down in the Boer War
    d)were involved in a war with India
    e)accepted American domination of Latin America
  4. In the Root-Takahira agreement of 1908,
    a)the Japanese government agreed to limit the number of Japanese immigrant laborers entering the US
    b)the US and Japan agreed to respect each other's territorial goldings in the Pacific
    c)the US agreed to accept a Japanese sphere of influence in China
    d)the Japanese agreed to accept the segregation of Japanese children in California schools in return for the US' recognition of control of Korea
    e)Japan agreed to accept US control of the Philippines in exchange for Japanese domination of Manchuria
  5. As governor of New Jersey, Woodrow Wilson established a record as
  1. a d
  2. b c
  3. c b
  4. d Clayton Anti-Trust Act
  5. e passionate reformer
    Woodrow Wilson's political philosophy included all of the following except scorn for the ideal of self - determination for minority peoples in other countries

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  1. c
  2. e)Grover Cleveland
  3. was wedded more to the status quo than to progressive change.
  4. Square Deal
  5. e)mediate a conclusion to the Russo-Japanese War

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  1. Teddy Roosevelt helped to end the 1902 stike in the anthracite coal mines bythreatening to sieze the mines and to operate them with federal troops


  2. during the boundary dispute between venezuela and britain the USd)arbitration of the Venezuelan and British colonies


  3. In 1912, Woodrow Wilson ran for the presidency on the Democratic platform that included all of the following except a call forDollar diplomacy


  4. When Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle, he intended his book to focus on attention on theplight of the workers in the stockyards and meat-packing industry.


  5. When Jane Addams placed Teddy Roosevelts name in nomination for the presidency in 1912, ittame capitalism