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  1. Woodrow Wilson's administration refused to extend formal diplomatic recognition to
  2. Before a treaty annexing Hawaii to the US could be rushed through the US Senatin in 1893
  3. Teddy Roosevelt decided to run for the presidency in 1912 because
  4. The progressive "Bull Moose" party died when
  5. The public outcry after the horrible Triangle Shirtwaist fire led to many states to pass
  1. a Pres. Harrison's term expird and anti imperialist Cleveland became president
  2. b Teddy Roosevelt refused to run as the party presidential candidate in 1916.
  3. c William Howard Taft had seemed ot discard Roosevelt's policies
  4. d Victoriano Huerta
  5. e restrictions on female employment in the clothing industry

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  1. cuba
  2. progressive education
  3. b)Platt Amendment
  4. b)the US refused to five the Filipino people their independence
  5. the national governemnt did not automatically side with the owners in the dispute

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  1. Pres. Cleveland rejected the effort to annex Hawaii becausePresident wilson aroused public opinion to support its passage


  2. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, guaranteed a substational measure of public control over the Amercican banking system through the final authoritiy given to thepresidentially appointed Federal Reserve Board.


  3. Before he was elected president in 1912, Woodrow Wilson had beenwas wedded more to the status quo than to progressive change.


  4. Most muckrakers believed that their primary function in the pgoressive attack on social ills was toprogressivism
    The first Jew to sit on the United States Supreme Court, appointed by Woodrow Wilson was Louis D. Brandeis


  5. Many Americans became concerned about the increasing foreign intervention in China because theya)feared that American missions would be jeopardized and chinese markets closed to non-Europeans


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