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  1. President Taft's foreign policy was dubbed
  2. American imperialists who advocated acquisition of the Philippines especially stressed
  3. From 1914 to 1916, trade between the United States and Britain
  4. During the Spanish-American War, the entire Spanish fleet was destroyed at the Battle of
  5. The monetary inflation needed to relieve the social and economic hardships of the late nineteenth century eventually came as a result of
    a) the gold standard
    b)McKinley'sadoption of the bimetallic standard
    c)an increase in the international gold supply
    d)Populist fusion with the Democratic party
    e)the creation of the Federal Reserve Board
  1. a dollar diplomacy
  2. b ?
    The revolution in Panama began when ?
  3. c b)their economic potential for American businessmenn seeking trade with China and other Asian nations
  4. d pulled the American economy out of a recession
  5. e c

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  1. a)Philippines
  2. make the public aware of social problems
  3. was closely tied to the feminist movement and women's causes
  4. Chicago
  5. sinking of the Maine, American declaration of war on Spain, passage of the Teller Amendment, passage of the Platt Amendment

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  1. During the building of the Panama Canal, all of the following difficulties were encountered excepta)guerilla warfare wage by Panamanian rebels against the US


  2. Many Americans became concerned about the increasing foreign intervention in China because theya)feared that American missions would be jeopardized and chinese markets closed to non-Europeans


  3. Passage of the Federal Meat Inspection Act was especially facilitated by the publication ofUpton Sinclairs The Jungle


  4. In the Root-Takahira agreement of 1908,
    a)the Japanese government agreed to limit the number of Japanese immigrant laborers entering the US
    b)the US and Japan agreed to respect each other's territorial goldings in the Pacific
    c)the US agreed to accept a Japanese sphere of influence in China
    d)the Japanese agreed to accept the segregation of Japanese children in California schools in return for the US' recognition of control of Korea
    e)Japan agreed to accept US control of the Philippines in exchange for Japanese domination of Manchuria


  5. The Sixteenth Amendment provided forgreatly increased the power and prestige of the presidency