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  1. bigot
  2. castigate
  3. candid
  4. charlatan
  5. befuddle
  1. a one who is intolerant of another's beliefs, opinions, or values
  2. b to confuse; to perplex
  3. c to criticize or punish for the purpose of corrections
  4. d outspoken, blunt; informal unposed
  5. e one who pretends to have more knowledge or skill than he or she really has, especially in the field of medicine

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  1. to step sort and refuse to continue; to obstruct
  2. lawyer
  3. teasing; good-natured joking
  4. a strong defense; a fort
  5. indecent; humorously obscene

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  1. causticto punish severely


  2. chastiseto punish severely


  3. baskto lie in or be exposed to warmth


  4. capriciousguided by whim rather than reason changing one's mind suddenly


  5. avaricehaving to do with dogs


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