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Civic Engagement/ Civic Participation
How citizens engage
Allows voters to place bills to become law on the ballot of they get enough signatures
Allows voters to reject a law that has passed with enough signatures
Voters can remove a state elected official from office with enough signatures
A small organized group within a larger one (tea party)
Interest Group
Organized group that influences the government to adopt certain policies and measures
General agreement
Agreement or settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions
Discussion aimed at reaching an agreement
The plan that provides the rules of government
The constitution
Popular Sovereignty
Government principle/ idea that believes governmental power is derived from the people
Supremacy Clause
A constitutional clause that states that the Constitution is the "Supreme law of the land"
Social Contract
Which theory on Government believes that a government should be an agreement between the governing person and the governed
Due process of law
A state may not take a person's life, liberty, or property without what?
Indirect Representative Democracy
What form of democracy do we have in the U.S?
Delegated Powers
Powers of the national government
Reserved Powers
Powers of the state government
Concurrent/shared powers
Shared with both
Basic Rights for Individuals
Central Idea of the Bill of Rights
Legislative Branch
Make Laws
Executive Branch
Enforces the laws
Judicial Branch
Interprets the laws
House and the Senate
Chambers in the U.S governemnt
Every 20 years
When do the citizens of Ohio have the opportunity to rewrite the Ohio State Constitution
Public Policy
How we as people help government make laws and decisions
Fiscal Policy
Government spending policies that influence macroeconomic conditions
Expansionary Policy
Increasing government spending and reducing taxes to increase GDP
Contractionary Policy
Decreasing government spending and increasing taxes to decrease GDP
Federal Reserve
U.S government banking system that controls the money supply to influence the U.S economy