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Waiter/Waitress Training Terminology Boosackman Man SAT Trademark Set

Waiter/Waitress Training Terminology
Wine steward; the restaurant employee who is responsible for the restaurant's wines and their service.
Straight Up
Drink is served in a stemmed glass without ice.
Sous Chef
Restaurant employee who is second in command of the kitchen after the executive chef.
Sparkling Wine
Wine containing high levels of carbon dioxide.
Side Work
Duties or jobs a server is responsible for completing in addition to waiting on customers.
Fortified Wine
Wine that has been mixed with distilled alcohol, usually brandy
Front of House
The area of the restaurant that is welcome to customers, such as the bar or dining room.
Head Waiter
The restaurant employee who is in charge of all the servers.
Heimlich Maneuver
A first aid maneuver, consisting of abdominal thrusts, which is performed on individuals who are choking.
Host or Hostess
A restaurant employee who greets patrons when they arrive and seats them at their tables.
Maitre D'Hotel
The restaurant employee who manages the front of the house.
The ability to preform multiple tasks at the same time.
Drink served without ice.
On the Rocks
Drink served over ice.
Place Setting
A table service setting for one individual.
Point of Sales (POS) system
An integrated computer and software system used in restaurants that can perform a variety of functions, including order tracking, table seating and cash registrar utilities.
A high-quality, expensive, top shelf brand a customer will ask for by name.
Indicates the amount of alcohol in any distillate; a measure of alcoholic strength.
The main course of a meal.
Executive Chef
The restaurant employee who is in charge of kitchen, including menu creations and managing the kitchen staff.
A chemical process in which yeast interacts with sugar, converted it in to alcohol and carbon dioxide.
Eating utensils, such as the knives, spoons and forks.
A La Carte
Individually priced items available from the menu.
An alcoholic drink served prior to a meal intended to stimulate the appetite.
Appellation of Origin
The name of the area in which the majority of the grapes in the wine were grown.
A snack sized portion of a food or drink served prior to a meal intended to stimulate the appetite.
Aromatized Wine
A wine to which herbs, flowers, bark, or other flavorings have been added.
Back of House
The area of the restaurant, such as the kitchen, where staff is allowed but customers are not.
A restaurant employee whose duties include clearing, cleaning and resetting tables. They are also of general assistance to the other restaurant employees.
A mid-quality, mid-priced brand a customer will call for by name.
The covering, usually foil or plastic, over the cork and upper neck of the wine bottle.
A tool used to remove the cork from wine bottles, comprised of a metal spiral with sharpened tip set in a handle.
A table service setting for one individual.
Additionally, the term is often used when describing the number of meals sold or customers served. For example, if the restaurant served meals to 60 people over the lunch period, then the restaurant had 60 covers at lunch.
Removing crumbs or other debris from the table; usually preformed after clearing the table of the main course and before serving dessert.
Accomplishing tasks without wasted time or effort.
An inexpensive house brand, used in most mixed drinks when a specific brand isn't asked for. They are also referred to as "well" brand.
Table D'Hote
A complete meal, often with multiple courses, offered at a single price.
Table/Still Wine
Grape juice that has been fermented and cannot be classified as sparkling, fortified or aromatized wine.
Varietal Designations
Name of the dominant grapes used in the wine - at least 75 % of the grapes used are of those varieties
The year the wine was made. At least 95% of the grapes in the wine must have been grown in that year.