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Olive Garden Server Position Test Boosackman Man SAT Trademark Set

Server's Test
Describe the Following:
"On The Fly"
When an item is needed immediately
Describe the Following:
Sold out Temporarily
Describe the Following:
Remove used dishes as guest's are through with them
Describe the Following:
"Anticipating Guest's Needs"
Build connection to guest
Be attentive
Respond Immediately
Refill, clear, suggest, order
Describe the Following:
"In the Weeds"
Too busy to do a good job
Need help
Describe the Following:
"Who's Who"
Sheet used to track rotation of tables for each server
Lists which servers are scheduled
Start time
Station assigned
Describe the Following:
Describe the Following:
Describe the Following:
Describe the Following:"Team Support of Service Delivery"
Build connections
Make suggestions
Deliver the guest's experience based on pacing needs
Hot Food GO!
Provide refills
Describe a Genuine Italian dining Experience (List the 4 components)
1. Introduce yourself
2. Determine guest's reason for joining us
3. Determine if guest have time for a relaxing meal or in a hurry
4. Determine any special needs/children
Describe how you would build connections with your guests
Introduce yourself
Determine guests reason for joining us
Determine if guests have time for a relaxing meal or in a hurry
Determine an specific dietary needs/children
Describe Making Suggestion at:
LUNCH Inform guests about our complimentary wine tasting, wine list, and other beverage options. SIE one specific wine or one non-alcoholic beverage.
DINNER Inform guests about our complimentary wine tasting, wine list, cocktails, beer and wine options. SIE one alcoholic beverage.
At lunch, when guests are to receive both an appetizer and salad, what question should you ask the guest?
Is it OK to bring salad before appetizer?
At lunch, if a guest is having Soup and Salad as their entree, what should you say?
Ask if they want soup & salad at the same time
Why is it important to determine the guests pacing needs when building connections?
So you can make suggestions based on their time constraints and time delivery to meet their time constraints
How can you tell if the guest has time constraints at lunch?
Ask them before ordering as well as observe them
Where would you find a complete list of Gluten Free Options? List one.
Garden Fare Nutrition Guide
Garden Fresh Salad without croutons
If a guest asks for more nutritional information, what tool can you provide them with?
Garden Fare Nutrition Guide
List the available substitutions for guests requesting healthy options for any pasta or potato sides:
fresh vegetables
List the available substitutions for guests requesting healthy options for any pasta entree or sides:
whole wheat lequine
List the available substitutions for guests requesting healthy options for OG salad dressing:
low fat salad dressing
On which foods do we offer complimentary refills?
Bread sticks
Team Support of Service Delivery is providing sercie support to Service Partner in 2 main areas. List them:
If you have a pitcher of iced tea, look to your Service Partner's guests before returning to service station
Always look for opportunities to pre-bus your tables as well as your Service partner's tables as you are walking through dining area
What size spoodle do we use in the soup?
What size ladle do we use in salad dressing?
How many ladles of dressing are used on a salad for 4?
How many pepperoncini of a salad for 5?
T or F Can you use the same bowl to refill a salad?
T or F You can use the same glass to refill a soda.
T or F you can use the same basket to refill breadsticks.
Describe the procedures for breadsticks and salads.
Breadsticks: When refilling breadsticks, offer remaining bread to guests and immediately get fresh.
Always use fresh basket and liner
One breadstick per guest, plus 1
Max breadsticks per basket is 5
Offer to refill for guest: "May I bring you some fresh, hot breadsticks?"
What is the up-charge (if any) for:
Angle hair for spaghetti on Chicken Parmigiana?
What is the up-charge (if any) for:
Meat sauce on Ravioli di Portobello?
What is the up-charge (if any) for Boat of Alfredo sauce for breadsticks?
What is the up-charge (if any) for:
Boat of Alfredo sauce for breadsticks?
What is the up-charge (if any) for:
Extra olives on a Garden Salad?
What is dressing on the side served in?
What size is our pizza?
10 inches
How many slices is the pizza cut into?
Y or N Can a guest order lasagna without meat?
Y or N Can a guest order Chicken Marsala without mushrooms?
Y or N
Can a guest order Dinner items at Lunch?
Y or N
Can a guest order Pizza with shrimp?
Y or N
Can a guest order Alcolol-Free Chocolate Almond Amore?
Y or N
Can a guest order salad without onions?
Y or N
Can a guest order Chicken Parmigiana with no cheese?
Y or N Can a guest order breadsticks without garlic?
T or F Desserts can be purchased by the whole or half cake.
How much do we charge for a celebration cake?
List three quick -to-prepare appetizers you would recommend at lunch.
Create A Sampler Italiano (without stuffed mushrooms)
Dipping Sauces
Making suggestions at lunch, what do you offer to your guests?
Quick prepare items
When serving the bottle of wine, after the host has tasted the wine, the order of service is...
Serve clockwise: ladies first, men next and host last
Your next table has 2 adults and 2 teenagers obviously under-aged. What beverages would you suggest to this party?
When serving alcohol, check for proof of age for anyone who appears to be under the age of
List the ONLY acceptable forms of identification for your state.
Valid Drivers License
Military ID
Explain what "Hot Food GO!" means.
Enables us to deliver piping hot food to every guest consistently. Food never sits in the window! move quickly from window to table-no side trips to bar, service station or other tables.
When traying up food from the window, why is it so important to use pivot points?
So that food can be delivered without being "auctioned off".
List 3 ways a server can impact "Hot Food GO!"
Never let food sit in window
All team members support delivery of hot food
All food is delivered directly to the table without side trips
What credit cards do we accept?
American Express
Diners Club
What type of cheese do we use in the grater?
When do we take a cheese grater out to the table?
With the food.
How do you respond to a guest who has a concern/complaint about food or service?
Notify Manager
Why do you do a TIP/TOP Card for every shift?
Describe the server appearance standards.
Clean, wrinkle free, white long sleeve shirt with a button down colar
Tie with fitted knot
Neat, clean, crisp black slacks with crease
Black socks
Professional, closed toe and heal black with slip resistant soles
Clean, black Olive Garden apron
Green side towel in pocket
Clean hair tied back
Clean, short fingernails
Mild perfume
No visible tatoos