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Menu Test

Menu Basics:
What is the meaning of this symbol in the menu?

Garden Fare
Identifies menu items that are flavorful, yet lower in fat or in carbs

Menu Basics:
Describe the sauces and identify which one is gluten free:
Maranara Sauce

A variety of tomatoes seasoned with:
Fresh Garlic
Olive Oil
Tomato Sauce
Italian Herbs
(Only Gluten Free Sauce)

Menu Basics:
Describe the sauces and identify which one is gluten free:
Meat Sauce

Marinara Sauce Mixed with:
Italian Sausage and Beef
Seasoned with Garlic and Herbs

Menu Basics:
Describe the sauces and identify which one is gluten free:
Alfredo Sauce

Heavy Cream
Black Pepper
Parmesan Cheese

Antipasti (Appetizer):
Name and describe an appetizer you would suggest if guests are in a hurry.

To start, may I suggest my favorite appetizer... our Calamari. Tender rings, lightly breaded and fried, served with Parmesan Peppercorn Ranch and Marinara sauces... it's very tasty.

Antipasti (Appetizer):
List the portions for the following Create a Sampler items:

Fried Mozzarella: 3
Fried Zucchini: 9
Chicken Fingers: 3
Stuffed Mushrooms: 6
Toasted Ravioli: 6
Calamari: 1/2 portion

Antipasti (Appetizer):
Describe the Artichoke and Spinach Dip

Blend of Artichoke, Spinach and Cream Cheese
Served with Tuscan Bread and Celery

Panini (pah-NI-nee) (Grilled Sandwiches) & Pizza:
List our 3 Panini (pah-NI-nee) flavors and the day/time they are available.

1. Grilled Chicken Caprese
2. Grilled Chicken Florentine
3. Grilled Steak & Portobello
Available until 4 PM. Monday through Friday.

Panini (Grilled Sandwiches) & Pizza:
Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Pizza topped with:
Grilled Chicken
Italian Cheeses
Alfredo Sauce

Zuppe (zoo-PAH) e (eh) Insalate (een-sa-LAH-tah) (Soups & Salads):
Describe our Soup:
Chicken & Gnocchi (NYOH-kee)

Our creamy soup made with:
Roasted Chicken
Traditional Italian Dumplings

Zuppe (zoo-PAH) e (eh) Insalate (een-sa-LAH-tah) (Soups & Salads):
Describe our Soup:
Pasta e Fagioli (fah-JO-lee)

White and Red Beans
Ground Beef
In a Savory Broth

Zuppe (zoo-PAH) e (eh) Insalate (een-sa-LAH-tah) (Soups & Salads):
Describe our Soup:

Fresh Vegetables
In a Light Tomato Broth

Zuppe e Insalate (zoo-PAH) (eh) (een-sa-LAH-tah) (Soups & Salads):
Describe our Soup:
Zuppa Toscana

Spicy Sausage
Russet Potatoes
Cavolo (kah-VO-lo) (kale) Greens
In a Creamy Broth

Zuppe (zoo-PAH) e (eh) Insalate (een-sa-LAH-tah) (Soups & Salads):
List the ingredients in our garden salad and the salad dressing that comes with it.

Iceberg and Romaine Lettuce
Black Olives
Roma Tomatoes
Pepperoncini (pepper-CHEE-nee)
Red Onion Rings
Olive Garden Italian Dressing

Zuppe (zoo-PAH) e (eh) Insalate (een-sa-LAH-tah) (Sours & Salads):
Describe the Chicken Ceasar Salad

Grilled Chicken Over Romaine
In a Creamy Caesar Dressing
Topped with Imported Parmesan Cheese

Cucina Classica (Classic Recipies):
List portion sized for lunch and dinner (if applicable):
Lasagna Classico

Pasta: Lasagna Strips
Sauce: Meat Sauce

Cucina Classica (Classic Recipies):
List portion sized for lunch and dinner (if applicable)
Five Cheese Ziti (ZEE-tee) al Forno

Pasta: Ziti (ZEE-tee)
Sauce: 5 Cheese Marinara

Cucina Classica (Classic Recipies):
List portion sized for lunch and dinner (if applicable):
Chicken Parmigiana

Pasta: Spaghetti
Sauce: Marinara
Protein: Breaded Chicken Breast: 1 for Lunch, 2 for Dinner

List portion sized for lunch and dinner (if applicable):
Capellini (kah-peh-LEE-nee) Pomodora

Pasta: Capellini (kah-peh-LEE-nee)
Sauce: Marinara, Basil, Roma Tomato and Olive Oil

Carne (Beef & Pork):
Steak Toscano

Entrée: Steak Toscano
Brushed with: Black Pepper, Salt, Garlic and Rosemary *
Protein: 12 oz strip steak *
Veggie/Side: Roasted Potatoes with Peppers and Onions *

Carne (Beef & Pork):
Mixed Grill

Entrée: Mixed Grill *
Sauce: Rosemary Demi-Glace
Protein: 1 Skewer of Grilled Marinated Steak and 1 Skewer of Chicken with Zucchini and Squash
Veggie/Side: Grilled Zuccini and Squash, with Tuscan potatoes *

Carne (Beef & Pork):
Steak Gorgonzola-Alfredo

Entrée: Steak Gorgonzola-Alfredo *
Pasta: Fettuccine
Sauce: Gorgonzola-Alfredo
Protein: Marinated Steak Pieces (Medallions) Drizzled with Baslamic Glaze *
Side/Veggie: Spinach and Green Onions

Carne (Beef & Pork):
Chianti (kee-ANH-tee) Braised Short Ribs

Entrée: Chianti (Kee-AHN-tee) Braised Short Ribs *
Pasta: Portobello Mushroom Risotto
Sauce: Chianti (Kee-AHN-tee) Wine Sauce *
Protein: 4 Beef Short Ribs
Side/Veggie: Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes and Green Beans

Pasta Ripiena (ree-PYAY-nah) (Filled Pastas):
Braised Beef & Tortelloni

Entrée: Braised Beef & Tortelloni *
Pasta: Asiago (ah-SYAH-goh) -Filled Tortelloni *
Sauce: Basil-Marsala Sauce
Protein: Sliced Short Ribs
Side/Veggie: Portobello Mushrooms

Pasta Riniena (Filled Pastas):
Ravioli di Portobello

Entrée: Ravioli de Portoello *
Pasta: Portobello Mushroom Filled Ravioli (5 for lunch, 7 for dinner) *
Sauce: Creamy Smoked Cheese and Sun Dried Tomato Sauce
Side/Veggie: Green Onions and Tomatoes (Garnish)

Pollo (Chicken):
Chicken & Shrimp Carbonara (kahr-boh-NAH-rah)

Pasta: Bucanti (boo-kah-TEE-nee) *
Sauce: Caronara (kahr-boh-NAH-rah)*
Protein: Chicken Tenders and Shrimp *
Side/Veggies: Roasted Red Peppers *

Pollo (Chicken):
Venetian Apricot Chicken

Sauce: Apricot Citrus *
Protein: Grilled Chicken Breasts (1 for Lunch, 2 for Dinner) *
Side/Vegetables: Roasted Potatoes with Peppers and Onions *

Pollo (Chicken):
Chicken Marsala

Entrée: Chicken Marsala *
Sauce: Marsala Wine Sauce
Protein: 3 Chicken Breasts
Side/Vegetables: Roasted Potatoes with Peppers and Onions *

Pollo (Chicken)
Chicken Scampi

Entrée: Chicken Scampi *
Pasta: Campellini (kah-peh-LEE-nee) *
Sauce: Garlic Cream Sauce
Protein: Chicken Breast Tenderloins (3 for lunch, 5 for dinner)
Side/Vegetables: Bell Peppers, Onions and Mushrooms

Pesce (PEH-sheh) (Fish and Seafood):
Herb Grilled Salmon

Entrée: Herb Grilled Salmon
Sauce: Brushed with: Butter and Herbs *
Protein: Salmon *
Sides/Vegetables: Steamed Broccoli and Red Peppers *

Pesce (Fish and Seafood):
Shrimp Primavera

Entrée: Shrimp Primavera *
Pasta: Penne
Sauce: Arrabbiata (arh-ah-bee-AH-tah) Sauce
Protein: Shrimp (10 for lunch, 20 for dinner) *
Veggie/Vegetables: Bell Peppers, Onions and Mushrooms

Pesce (Fish and Seafood)
Capellini (kah-peh-LEE-nee) di Mare

Entrée: Capellini (kah-peh-LEE-nee) di Mare *
Pasta: Campellini (kah-peh-LEE-nee) *
Sauce: White Wine, Garlic and Zesty Marinara Sauce
Protein: Shrimp, Clams and Mussels
Veggie/Side: Basil

Black Tie Mousse Cake

Chocolate Cake
Dark Chocolate Cheesecake
Mascrarpone (mahs-kahr-POH-nay) Cheese Custard
Dark & White Chocolate Icing
Chocolate Sauce Swirl

Lemon Cream Cake

Sponge Cake
Italian Lemon Cream
Cookie Crumbs
Powdered Sugar


Mascarpone (mahs-kahr-POH-nay) Cheese Custard
Ladyfingers Soaked in Espresso
Sweet Cocoa

Triple Chocolate Strata

Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Ganache
Chocolate and Raspberry Sauce Swirl

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Cheesecake Swirled with Raspberry Puree
White Chocolate Shavings
Whipped Cream Topping
Raspberry Sauce Swirl


Freshly Cooked Italian Donuts
Vanilla Sugar
OG Chocolate Sauce

Warm Apple Crostada

Sliced Apples
Vanilla Mascarpone (mahs-kahr-POH-nay) Cream
Brown Sugar Crumbles
Toasted Almonds
Shortbread Cookie Crust
Vanilla Ice Cream
Caramel Syrup
Biscotti Crumbles

What is the price of our celebration cake?


Name 3 flavors of the Dolcini:

1. Strawberry & White Chocolate Cream Cake
2. Chocolate Mousse with Dark Chocolate Cookie Crust
3. Amaretto Tiramisu with Almond Cookie Crumble
4. Limoncello Mousse with Vanilla Cookie Crust
5. Dark Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Mousse & Carmel Cream

Kids Menu:

1. Cheese Ravoli
2. Chicken Fingers & Pasta
3. Create Your Own Pasta
4. Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza
5. Macaroni & Cheese

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