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What was the name of America's FIRST constitution after the Revolutionary
The Articles of Confederation
What was the main problem of the Articles of Confederation?
Because the states had too much power, they acted as individual countries
What were some of the problems the new nation faced?
The money printed during the Revolutionary War had depreciated (lost
value) so far that it was almost worthless.
Where did the Constitutional Convention take place?
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Which compromise between the large and small states created the Legislative
Branch with a house and a senate?
The Great Compromise
What are the 1st ten amendments of the Constitution known as?
The Bill of Rights
What provisions are in the Preamble to the constitution?
To form a more perfect union
What roles does the Supreme Court play in our government?
It interprets laws and is the highest court in the country
What branch of government makes laws?
The Legislative Branch
Who appoints judges to the Supreme Court?
The President
To override a presidential veto, both the House of Representatives and the
Senate need to pass the bill with what fraction of a majority?
How many senators does each state have?
What are the powers of the Executive Branch of
The President is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. The President has the power to veto bills. The President can dispatch troops in emergencies.
Which branch of government has the power to declare war?
The Legislative Branch
What is the leader of the House of Representatives called?
The Speaker of the House
How many senators are there in the senate?
How long is the term of office for a Senator?
6 years
Who tires and convicts impeached officials?
The Senate- with a 2/3 vote
What are some responsibilities of the Federal Government?
Declare war
Post office
Coining Money
What are responsibilities of the State Government?
Maintaining Schools
Marriage and divorce laws
Public safety
What rights are listed in the first amendment?
Religion, Assembly, Press, Petition, Speech
Which amendment is the "right to remain silent"?
5th Amendment
Which amendment states that a police officer needs a search warrant to enter and search your home?
4th Amendment
What are some of our duties or things we must do as American citizens?
obey laws
pay taxes
What are some of our responsibilities or things we should do as American citizens?
Vote in elections
Volunteer to serve in our communities
What are the requirements to be President of the United States?
A natural born citizen,
at least 35 years old, and
resident of US for 14 years
Which first political group believed in rule by the wealthy class, strong federal
government, emphasis on manufacturing, British alliance, and a loose
interpretation of the Constitution?
Which of the first political parties believed in rule by the people, strong state
governments, emphasis on agriculture, French alliance, and a strict
interpretation of the Constitution?
Why did Napoleon want to sell the Louisiana territory to the United States?
He needed money to finance the war against Great Britain
What were the impacts of the Louisiana Purchase on the
United States?
It introduced approximately 180 new species of plants and animals. It doubled the size of the United States. It led to westward expansion
What was the name of the Indian guide for the Lewis and Clark Expedition?
Thomas Jefferson desired Lewis and Clark to explore the Louisiana Territory by
trying to find the source of what River?
Missouri River
What was the main cause of the War of 1812?
The British impressment of American sailors
What was the nickname of the USS Constitution that cannon balls bounced off?
Old Ironsides
Why was Caroline Pickersgill asked to sew a 30x42 foot flag that was flown at Ft. McHenry in the War of 1812?
It was an attempt to show the British how patriotic the American people were
in Baltimore, Maryland.
What was the name of the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the Star Spangled Banner?
Old Glory
Why did the British want to attack Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland?
The British wanted to destroy all the privateer ships used successfully against
the British navy.
During the British attack on our nation's capitol during the War of 1812, what
two events occurred to cause the British troops to flee?
A hurricane and tornado caused devastation to the British column
What were the outcomes of the War of 1812?
Re-established America's independence from Britain, we gained many national symbols including an anthem, and we gained war heroes like Andrew Jackson and William Henry Harrison.
Who saved the painting of George Washington and other priceless valuables
from the White House before the British burned it to the ground?
Dolly Madison
What were some inventions in transportation that contributed to American expansion?
What is the factory system?
The system that put all of the steps of manufacturing into one building.
What did the Industrial Revolution create?
Better transportation systems, technological advancements, and new
What was a major change for women brought on by the Industrial Revolution?
They were leaving farms and moving to cities to work in factories where they
got paid
Who wrote the National Anthem?
Francis Scott Key
Which inventions in communication contributed to
American expansion in the 1800's ?
Pony Express
Morse Code
Which inventions in the farming industry contributed to
American expansion?
Cotton gin
Steel plow
McCormic Reaper
Why was the Erie Canal so important?
It connected the port of New York City to the Great Lakes
What is the definition of the Industrial Revolution?
A change and movement from agricultural society to one based on industry
(farm to factory)
What was Andrew Jackson's "spoils system"?
A system that gave government jobs to common people that supported the
What is the Trail of Tears?
Removal of the Indian tribes from their tribal lands to Oklahoma Territory
What is "mudslinging"?
Digging up family problems and "dirt" in an attempt to ruin a candidate's
chance of election or attempts to ruin the opponent's reputation with insults
What did the US Constitution establish in America?
Three branches of separate power that all check and balance each other.
What did the landmark supreme court case Marbury vs Madison establish?
Judicial Review- the supreme court can declare something unconstitutional.
What was the most important reason that the Unites States Constitution was developed?
To create a better plan of government that involved the citizens.