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Personal Fitness Chapter 2 Test

What are the health-related components of physical fitness most associated with?
How fast you improve.
How best is flexibility described?
The ability to move the joints through their full range of motion.
The ability of muscles to exert a force one time is called:
Muscular Strength.
The ability to do strength performances at a rapid pace is called:
The amount of time it takes to get moving once your senses signal the need to move is called:
Reaction Time.
The integration of eye, hand, and foot movements is called:
The use of maximum strength to perform movements is called:
The ability to use skeletal muscles for a long period of time without tiring is called:
Muscular Endurance
The ability to move a joint through a full range of motion is called:
The ability to use the hands and feet in unison with vision is called:
Eye and Hand Coordination
Which test measures the flexibility of the lower back and posterior thighs?
Sit and Reach
Which can be used to test cardiovascular fitness?
100 Yard Dash and One-Mile Run
Which would not test body composition?
Timed Sit-Ups
The ability to change the position of your body and to control the movement of your whole body is called:
The ability to cover a distance in a short period of time is called:
What are the skill-related fitness components?
Agility, Balance, Power, Reaction Time, Coordination, and Speed.
What is the ability to keep the body in an upright posture while standing still, moving, or holding a position upside down is called?
What activities are used to test cardiovascular fitness?
Sustained aerobic exercise, stress test, step test, and distance run.
What is the ability of the heart, blood, blood vessels, and the respiratory system to supply oxygen and necessary fuel to the muscles during exercise called?
Cardiovascular Fitness.
Describe body composition?
Ratio of fat to muscle, bone, and other body tissues
Why is periodic fitness an effective way to self-test?
Re-evaluate and update your previously set goals
Physical fitness tests that indicate results in percentile rankings are called:
Norm-referenced Tests