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Parker University - Tri 2

What is the function of bile?

They help digest dietary lipids

What are primary bile salts?

Chenocholic Acid and Cholic Acid

What are secondary bile acids?

Deoxycolic acid and Deoxychenocholic acid

One OH group is missing from both

Where are bile acids produced?


Where are bile acids secreted?

Into the bile

Where are bile acids stored?


When are bile acids released?

Released into intestine during a meal - helps digestion of dietary lipids

What are the two set of bile salts that are formed from cholesterol?

Two sets of bile salts are formed from cholesterol:
1. Chenocholate
2. Cholate - Salt Form

What is the rate limiting enzyme in primary bile salt production?


What are conjugated bile salts?

They are formed in the liver and secreted in the bile. They are powerful detergents that break down fat globules, enabling them to be digested.

What are the two conjugated bile salts?

Taurocholic Acid and Glycocholic Acid

What amino acids are used to make conjugated bile salts?

Taurocholic Acid - Taurine

Glycocholis acid - Glycine

What is the functional advantage of conjugated bile salts?

They make better detergents.

Primary salts break down the FA molecules that easy to solubilize.

The secondary salts break down the FA's that are harder to solubilize.

The FA fats that are the hardest to solubilized are solubilized by conjugated bile salts.

Review the overall metabolism of bile salt.

How does PK values affect the different types of Bile Salts?

The PK values are decreasing as they become stronger bile salts.

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