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Leadership quiz
The Big Five
What are the five characteristics that many leaders have in more abundance called?
Goes back to the idea that you can't teach wisdom, but you can teach knowledge
The leader's ability in school and desire to learn
When you know that you can count on a person in exercising their responsiblities, that person has what?
Social Participation
This is the willingness to engage in different conversations, and the leader has to be involved in both sides of participation-listening and talking
Socio-economic status
This is determined by your money, based on the job you have, based on the education level you have, etc. It has to do with how people perceive you in society
Factors associated with leadership
Capacity, achievement, and responsibility are all what?
Being social, having the ability to cooperate and adapt, using humor are ways to encourage what?
What implies activity, movement, and getting the work done?
True or False: It is NOT safe to assume that a person can be a leader in one situation and not another
True or False: Leaders know their limitations and know when the situation calls for them to lead
True or False: Leadership is not just a posession of traits, but includes active participation and demonstration of tasks leading to completion
The Great Man Theory
What theory implies that the most able man should lead (and is sometimes hereditary)?
Leaders have different ____________ than non- leaders
Ralph Stogdill
Who questioned the Trait Theory and was the first person to bring the idea of situational factors into the equation?
True or False: Stogdill says that the situation does not make a difference and you shouldn't look at more than just traits
____ traits are things that all successful leaders should possess
Which core trait encompasses perseverance, ambition, high standards, energy, initiative, and being proactive?
Which core trait includes the desire to influence and lead others and gaining socialized power?
Honesty and Integrity
Which two core traits involve telling the truth, doing the right thing, and doing what you said you would do, or in other words "practicing what you preach"?
Which core trait involves having strong beliefs, being comfortable in your own skin, having a high self-esteem, and having emotional stability?
Cognitive ability
This core trait includes intelligence, problem-solving, and decision making
Knowledge of business
This core trait is understanding the organization, knowing the wants and needs of the followers, and it allows for informed decision making
Charisma, creativity, and flexibility
What are the three main traits that are identified as important, but not core?
True or False: Leaders are not like other people, but these traits endow people for the potential for leadership
Task/initiating structure, relationship/consideration
Two leader behaviors are ____/_______ and ______/_________
As a result from this Leader Behavior, there is more friendships, trust, and respect between the leader and the follower
Task/initiating structure
As a result from this Leader Behavior, a well-defined pattern of communication and methodology is established
True or False: You should either be task oriented or relationship oriented
Team management
What is the most desirable leadership style?
Impoverished management
What is the least desirable leadership style?
Fred Fielder
Who is famous for the contingency theory?