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  1. leuk/o
  2. thromb/o
  3. cardiac arrest
  4. hem/o hemat/o
  5. angioplasty
  1. a an operation to repair a damaged blood vessel or unblock a coronary artery
  2. b combining form for white
  3. c blood, pertaining to the blood
  4. d The heart and breathing stop suddenly and without warning

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  1. aorta; largest artery
  2. a drug that causes the body to lose fluids; not effective for loss of body fat
  3. a double-layered serous membrane that surrounds the heart
  4. pertaining to the heart
  5. a heart condition marked by paroxysms of chest pain due to reduced oxygen to the heart

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  1. carotid endarterectomyincision and coring of the lining of the carotid artery to clear a blockage caused by the buildup of atherosclerotic plaque or a clot; an open procedure used to treat patients who are at risk for stroke


  2. angi/ovessel (usually blood or lymph)


  3. myelodysplastic syndromea group of bone marrow disorders that are characterized by the insufficient production of one or more types of blood cells due to dysfunction of the bone marrow


  4. coronary thrombosisthe closing off of a vessel that feeds the heart muscle by a stationary clot, or thrombus


  5. cardiac catheterizationThe heart and breathing stop suddenly and without warning