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  1. endocarditis
  2. anticoagulant
  3. cardiac arrest
  4. blood dyscrasia
  5. megaloblastic anemia
  1. a blood disorder characterized by anemia in which red blood cells are larger than normal., a blood disorder characterized by anemia in which the red blood cells are larger than normal
  2. b inflammation of the lining of the heart
  3. c slows coagulation and prevents new clots from forming
  4. d any pathologic condition of the cellular elements of the blood
  5. e The heart and breathing stop suddenly and without warning

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  1. fibrillation of heart muscles resulting in interference with rhythmic contractions of the ventricles and possibly leading to cardiac arrest
  2. blood, pertaining to the blood
  3. procedure where a catheter is inserted into an artery and guided into the heart; may be used for diagnosis of blockages or treatment
  4. combining form:
  5. a kind of pharmaceutical that can break up clots blocking the flow of blood to the heart muscle

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  1. cholesterola type of fat made by the body from saturated fat; a minor part of fat in foods


  2. -erniamixture or blending


  3. electrocardiogram (ECG)a record of the electrical activity of the heart that, if abnormal, may indicate heart disease


  4. diuretica drug that causes the body to lose fluids; not effective for loss of body fat


  5. leukocyteswhite blood cells, or WBC, form in the bone marrow and are part of the body's nonspecific defenses and the immune system