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  1. Renewable Energy
  2. Passive solar energy systems
  3. Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)
  4. Breeder reactor
  5. Animate Power
  1. a A nuclear power plant that creates its own fuel from plutonium
  2. b A resource that has a theoretically unlimited supply and is not depleted when used by humans.
  3. c Solar energy systems that collect energy without the use of mechanical devices
  4. d A gas used as a solvent, a propellant in aerosols, a refrigerant, and in plastic foams and fire extinguishers
  5. e Power supplied by people or animals.

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  1. Metals utilized to make products other than iron and steel
  2. Amount of oxygen required by aquatic bacteria to decompose a given load of organic waste; a measure of water pollution.
  3. Energy from steam or hot water produced from hot or molten underground rocks.
  4. Power generated from moving water
  5. Maintenance of a resource in its present condition with as little human impact as possible.

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  1. OzoneA gas that absorbs ultraviolet solar radiation found in the stratosphere, a zone between 15 and 50 km above Earth's surface


  2. FerrousMetals, including iron, that are utilized in the production of iron and steel


  3. Acid DepositionSulfur oxides and nitrogen, emitted by burning fossil fuels, enter the atmosphere - where they combine with oxygen and water to form sulfuric acid and nitric acid - and return to Earth's surface


  4. ResourceA substance in the environment that is useful to people, is economically and technologically feasible to access and is socially acceptable to use.


  5. Sanitary LandfillPower supplied by people or animals.