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Acu Anatomy, Needle depths, CIs

Important acu anatomy, needling depths, and needling contraindications for CALE
7th intercostal nerve
Ren 12, Ren 13, Ren 14, Ren 15
5th intercostal artery
DU 11
The branch of the frontal nerve.
DU 22, DU 23
Cephalic vein, radial artery and vein
LU 6
Cephalic vein, branches of the radial artery and vein
LU 7
Laterally, the radial artery and vein
LU 8
The radial artery and vein
LU 9
The posterior cicumflex artery and vein
LI 15
The external jugular vein
LI 17
External carotid artery
ST 9
Superiorly, the transverse cervical artery
ST 12
Deeper, the supraclavicular portioni of brachial plexus.
ST 12
The femoral artery
SP 12
The ulnar artery
HT 4, HT 5, HT 6, HT 7
The auricular branches of the superficial temporal artery and vein.
SI 19
The median artery and vein
PC 4
The median artery, vein and nerve
PC 5, PC 6
The superficial temporal artery and vein
SJ 21, SJ 22
The great saphenous vein, branch of the saphenous nerve
LV 5
The femoral vein
LV 12
Ren 8
Moxa only
Ren 15
Oblique .4-.6 needling downward (xyphoid process)
Ren 22
Transverse .5-1
Du 15-16
Perp .5-.8 (caution of the brain stem, medulla oblongata)
Du 26
Oblique .3-.5
LU 1-2
Oblique .5-.8
ST 1
Perp .5-1
ST 4
Transverse 1-1.5
ST 17
No needling
ST 34
Perp .5-1
SP 3
Perp .3-.5
SP 4
Perp .5-.8
(Deep, Chong channel)
SP 5
Perp .2-.3
(Shallow needling, navicular bone)
HT 4-8
Perp .3-.5
SI 19
Perp .5-1
(Remember SJ 21 is Perp .3-.5)
UB 11-18 (inner shu)
Oblique .5-.7
UB 41-51 (outer shu)
Oblique .3-.5
KD 21
Perp .3-.7
(careful of apex of LV here)
PC 6
Perp .5-.8
SJ 21
Perp .3-.5
(Remember SI 19 is Perp, .5-1)
GB 2
Perp .5-.7
LV 5
Transverse .3-.5
(Be careful of Great saphenous nerve, vein)
LV 12
Moxa only
No needling!-->Femoral vein
LV 13
Perp .5-.8
Caution when needling LU 7:
Cephalic vein
CI when needling LI 4:
Caution when needling ST 12:
Puncturing LU, pregnancy, subclavian vessels
Caution when needling ST 19:
HT on the left, LV on the right
Caution when needling ST 42:
Dorsalis pedis artery
CI when needling SP 6:
Caution when needling SP 11:
Femoral artery
Caution when needling SP 12:
Femoral artery, femoral nerve
Caution when needling HT 1:
Axillary artery, puncturing LU
Caution when needling HT 2:
Brachial artery (some say this point is CI for needling)
Caution when needling HT 7:
Ulnar artery, ulnar nerve
CI when needling UB 60:
Caution when needling KD 21:
LV on the right, Peritoneum on the left
Caution when needling PC 3:
Brachial artery and vein
Caution when needling PC 7:
Median nerve
CI to needling/NO NEEDLING:
SJ 8
(Although, other sources say it's fine)
CI to needling and moxa:
ST 17
CI when needling LV 12:
Femoral vein
Caution when needling GB 21:
Pneumothorax, Pregnancy
Caution with pregnancy and CI in needling:
Ren 1
Caution when needling Ren 5:
Pregnancy, peritoneal cavity
Caution when needling Ren 10:
Peritoneal cavity, Pregnancy
Caution when needling DU 15&16:
Yin Tang
Transverse .3-.5
Yi Ming
Perp .5-.8
Bai Lao
Perp .3-.5
Wei Guan Xia Shu
Oblique .5-.7
Yao Qi
Transverse upward 1-2
Yao Yan
Perp .8-1.2
Zi Gong Xue
Perp .8-1.2
Si Feng
Bleed, no needling
Ba Xie
Oblique .3-.5
Yao Tong Xue
Oblique .5-1
Er Bai
Perp .5-1
Bai Chong Wo
Perp 1-1.2
Lan Wei Xue
Perp 1-1.2
He Ding
Perp .3-.5
Dan Nang Xue
Perp .8-1.2
Tai Yang
Perp .3-.5
An Mian
Perp .5-.8
Bi Tong
Transverse upward .3-.5