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annular cartilage

provides support to the teeth

anterior dorsal fin


the lobulated structure above the anterior end of the notochord. Extends into the neural canal as the spinal cord

branchial tube

a continuation of the pharynx that lies beneath the esophagus

buccal funnel

buccal funnel

hood-shaped structure

buccal papillae

finger-like structures

caudal fin

cloacal aperture

the opening of the shallow pit on the underside of the body at the posterior end of the trunk

cranial cartilage

found in front of the olfactory apparatus and brain

dorsal aorta

thin tube beneath the notochord

external gill slits

external naris

horny teeth

lateral line system

group of pores

lateral line system

group of pores

lingual muscle

lingual cartilage

the long median that supports the floor of the pharynx


olfactory sac



pineal organ

lies just beneath the surface of the skin

pineal organ

lies just beneath the surface of the skin

posterior dorsal fin

spinal cord

ventral aorta

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