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Virtual memory

is disk storage used to expand the capacity of the physical RAM installed in the computer.

Hot-add memory

is the ability to add RAM without shutting down the computer or operating system.


is the native Windows Server file system.

Domain Controllers (DCs)

Writable copies of information in Active Directory are contained in one or more _________________________, which are servers that have the AD DS server role installed.


The ____________________ consists of the core programs and the computer code of the operating system.

directory service

Active Directory is a(n) ____________________ that houses information about all network resources such as servers, printers, user accounts, groups of user accounts, security policies, and other information.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The ______________________________ is the full cost of owning a network, including hardware, software, training, maintenance, and user support costs.


A(n) ______________________________ is an array of multiple hard drives designed to extend the life of disk drives and to prevent data loss from a hard disk failure.

Symmetric Multiprocessor (SMP)

A multiprocessor computer is known as a(n) ______________________________ computer, which is a computer that uses more than one processor.

DEP (Data Execution Prevention

When programs are running on the server, ______________________________ monitors how they use memory to ensure they are not causing memory problems.

SUA (Subsystem for Unix-based Applications

Windows Server 2008 supports UNIX and Linux clients using the ______________________________.


The ______________________________ is a program on a read-only or flash memory chip that establishes basic communication with components such as the monitor and disk drives.

Driver Signing

When a driver is verified, a unique digital signature is incorporated into it in a process called ____________________

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