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Anatomical term for smell


The lobe of the brain that interprets for the sense of smell

Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter, Umami

List five different types of taste receptors and their location


The lobes of the brain that interprets the sense of taste


Olfactory receptors are what type (category) of receptors

Upper Nasal Cavity, Superior Nasal Conchae/ Nasal Spetum

List two areas in which olfactory receptors are numerous (Be specific)

Facial, Glossopharyngeal/ Vagus

List two cranial nerves that carries impulses associated with the sense of taste

Salivia/ Water

Chemicals must be dissolved in ______to be tasted

Continuously divide

What is unusual about the olfactory basal stem cells?

Support/ Nourishment, insulate/ detoxify

List two functions of the olfactory supporting cells


These hair-like structures cover the knobs of the olfactory rector cells and are sensitive to chemicals

General-scattered/ simple/ somatic, Special-head/complex/ distinct anatomically

List two differences between general senses and special senses


How many different odors can the average individual detect

Mallous, Incus, Stape

List three auditory ossicles

Auricle/ purines, External auditory canal/ Tympamic membrane (Ear Drum)

List two structures of the external ear

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