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Vocabulary on three chapters about Africa


The largest deserts in the north and south


The African region along the southern border of the Sahara


Grassy plains where most people in Africa live


A religion in which spirits play an important role in regulating daily life


Storytellers who kept history alive by passing it on through generations

Nok People

West Africa's earliest known culture in what is now Nigeria


A city that is located on the Niger River in West Africa; uncovered in 1977


A permanent move from one country or region to another

Push Factors

Factors that push people out of an area

Pull Factors

Factors that pull or attract people to an area

Bantu People

Small groups of migrating people moved throughout Africa spreading culture


A kingdom along the Red Sea today known as Ethiopia and Eritrea which grew wealthy from trade


Aksum's chief seaport; crowded with lots of activity from various merchants; near present-day Massawa


Powerful king of Aksum who conquered Kush and converted to Christianity


Steplike ledges cut into mountains to make land suitable for farming; prevented the soil from being washed downhill in heavy rains

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