Types of Restraints

Pages 740-741
Baby Restraints
Mummy, elbow, crib restraints
Adult Restraints
Jacket, Belt, Mitt, Hand, Limb
Body Restraints
Sleeveless Jackets or Vests with straps. Are used to ensure the safety of confused or sedated clients in beds or wheelchairs.
Belt or Safety body Restaints
are used to ensure safety of all clients who are being moved on stretchers or in wheelchairs. Also clients that are confined to bed or chair.
Mitt or hand restraint
is used to prevent clients of any age from using their hands or fingers to scratch or injure themselves.
Limb restraint
made of cloth, may be used to immobolize a limb for theapeutic reasons such as maintain a intravenous infusion.
Mummy restraints
is a special folding of a blanket or sheet around an infant to prevent movement during a procedure such as gastric washing, eye irritation, or collection of blood specimen.
A crib net
device placed over the crib to prevent active young children from falling.