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JC Virus- Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML)


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What is the family?
Family: Polyomaviridae
Genus: Polyomaviridae
Species: JC
Capsid: Icosahedral
Genome: dsDNA circular
Enveloped: NOOOO
T/F: Polyomaviruses are smaller and contain less DNA than papillomaviruses. They are everywhere but don't usually cause s disease.
T/F: PML is a disease of the white matter of the brain. The virus targets cells that make myelin and 60-80% of adults are seropositive for this virus. JC stands for John cunningham
T/F: Most people are infected by 15 years of age via respiratory and latent viruses can be reactivated under suppressed imunity ( prenancy, AIDS, organ transplant).
Seeding occurs in the kidney leading to viruria.
In immunocompromised JC can cause viremia and cause BBB.
How do you know if you have JC?
Primary infection is asymptompatic. It can cause PML in immunocompromised pts-including AIDS.

PML shows neurologic symptoms associated with speech, vision, coordination, mentation or a combination.

JC can cause paralysis and death. If you're diagnosed with PML you die within 2 years.
What's the lab diagnosis?
Immunocompromised host
yes mortality rate of 30-50%
If you survive you'll have severe neurological disabilities
Can I infect others with it?
Yes. You can usually see JC in urine. Virus shedding happens during 3rd trimester.
How can I transmit JC?
Saliva, Placenta, Urine, Blood , Sex
When am I at risk?
Most are infected by 15 yo. and it will be reactivated under suppressed immunity
Can I protect my family?
No vaccine, sorry.
Best chance is reversing immune deficient state. You can try plasma exchange to remove therapeutic agents that put you at risk for PML in the first place. LIke HIV assoc. PML you should do retroviral therapy like cidofovir (stop viral DNA replication)