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Major Styles of Architecture


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Neoclassicism Architecture
1730 - 1925
A style of architecture that emerged in the later 18th century. Part of a general revival of interest in classical cultures, it was characterized by the utilization of themes and styles from ancient Greece and Rome.
Rococo Architecture
1650 - 1790
Very elaborate and ornate style of art and architecture in 18th-century France
Baroque Architecture
1600 - 1850
Theatrical architecture and overstated. Palace of Versailles is the best known example. St. Peter's Basilica also.
Renaissance Architecture
1400 - 1600
Built during the 1400's with a large dome, columns, triangular niches, round windows, arches, courtyard, Basilica.
Gothic Architecture
1100 - 1450
Architecture of the twelfth-century Europe, featuring stained-glass windows, flying buttresses, tall spires, and pointed arches.
Classical Architecture
850 BC - 476 AD
Architecture derived from ancient Greek and Roman cultures.