latin culture- wilkey

16 terms by jkanitz

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son of the goddess Venus and the mortal Anchises


the son of king Priam of Troy, abducted Helen


Queen of Sparta, was abducted by Paris and brought toTroy


Helen's outraged husband


king of Mycenae, assembled a large army with contingents drawn from all regions of Greece; was the High king of the Greeks


Greek poet, wrote two famous poems called the Illiad and the Odyssey


the most cunning of the Greeks, was a famous hero of the Greek army


the mightiest warrior, was famous hero of the Greek army


one of King Priam's sons, greatest warrior who commanded the Trojan army, managed to take the city


a goddess who was offended by the greets, so they gave her a "gif't"; the Trojan horse


caught by surprise Notecase of the Greeks attacking them, tried to defend their city


Aeneas's wife died when trying to escape


Aeneas's father


Aenea's son


daughter of King Latinus, her country, Lavinium was named after her, marries Aeneas

king Latinos

ruler of Latium

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