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Force and Motion

Describe everyday things that are happening all the time. eg. pick up a pencil, turn a page, raise your hand......and so on.


means moving something from one place to another. eg. force used to swing a bat


is the scientific term that means the rate of motion, or how fast something travels.


is the force that pulls everything toward the center of the Earth. The Earth's gravity causes everything on Earth to have weight.


In the science of physics the words Force, Motion, Speed, Gravity and Weight all have special meanings in Physics.


Is the force that happens when two things rub together.

Newton's 1st Law of Motion

An object moving in a straight line will continue moving ina straight line, unless acted on by an outside force. Also, an object at rest will stay at rest. The word for this is inertia.

Newton's 2nd Law of Motion

Force will cause a change in the otion of an object. The change in motion depends on the smount of force and the mass of the objec. There is a formula for this F = ma (Force = Mass X Acceleration.

Newton's 3rd Law of Motion

For each action, ther is an equal and opposite reaction.

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