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George Orwell 1984

Who is the main character of 1984?
Winston Smith
What is Winston's first rebellion?
He buys and writes in a journal
What is placed in every room in a house in order for the government to be able to listen to and watch citizens?
Who/What is the representative of the government?
Big Brother
Who enforces the law in Oceania?
The Thought Police
What happens if you go against society?
You are vaporized
What does vaporized mean in the context of 1984?
All records of your existence are erased
What are ways the government of Oceania controls its citizens?
Rewrite history, fear of bad thoughts, fear of common enemy, monitor the citizens using cameras, corrupt babies and children (teach them to love Big Brother and hate most other things), rallies to generate support, and creation of a new laguage
In Oceania, what is the association that all kids are placed into?
The Youth League
How many minutes of hate are there every day in Oceania?
How many weeks of hate are there every year in Oceania?
Where does Winston Smith live?
What are the other two countries besides Oceania?
Eastasia, and Eurasia
What party is Winston a member of?
The Outer
What does Winston work for?
The Ministry of truth
Definition of Doublethink
Holding two contradictory thoughts at the same time
Definition of Newspeak
Newly created language of Oceania
What is Ingsoc?
Oceania's form of government
What is thought crime?
Thinking anti-party thoughts
What party is closest to Big Brother
The Inner
Who are the Proles?
The lower classes who live seperated from the Inner and Outer Parties
Proles make up what percent of Oceania's population?
Who is Oceania at war with in 1984?
Where did Winston find the book without a title?
Lying in the window of a frowsy little junk shop in a slummy quarter of the town
How old is Winston Smith?
What year was Winston born in?
1944 or 1945
Who does Winston write the diary for?
The future and the unborn
What health problem does Winston have?
What is Winston's first entry in the journal about?
Watching War Movies
What significant happens in the Movie theatre that is watching war movies?
A little boy's arm is taken off
what department of the Ministry of Truth does Winston work in?
The Records Department
What particular group of people does Winsotn dislike?
Young and pretty women
What party is O'Brien a member of?
The Inner
Who is one of the few people Winston can relate to?
Who, specifically is the enemy of the people?
Emmanuel Goldstein
Why do people hate Emmanuel Goldstein?
He betratyed Big Brother
What is the Brotherhood?
A shadowy organization
what is the official Slogan of Oceania?
War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength
Who ask Winston to look at her kitchen sink?
Mrs. Parson
What type of physical labor does Winston hate to do?
Using his hands and bending down
What does Winston do when he bends down?
Where does mrs. parson work?
The Ministry of Truth
What are people called in Oceania instead of Mr. and Mrs.?
how do children behave in Oceania?
Like Horrible Rebels
When did the Great Purges occur?
In the fifties
How many family members does Winston have?
what country does Winston dream of?
Golden Country
What does the Golden country look like?
a typical rural landscape. beautiful plains and praries.
What is the new name for England?
Airstrip One
What is London called in 1984?
Which ministry deals with war?
Ministry of Peace
Which ministry deals with rationing and economics?
Ministry of Plenty
Which ministry deals with monitoring and controlling the population?
Ministry of Love
Which ministry deals with propaganda and changing history?
Ministry of Truth
What is the newspeak word for the Ministry of Peace?
What is the newspeak word for Ministry of Plenty?
What is the newspeak word for Ministry of Love?
What is the newspeak word Ministry of Truth?
What does Winston do for the Ministry of Truth?
Edits and revises historical records. Deletes the record of people who have been vaporized.
Ingsoc is the newspeak word for what?
English socialism
What city did the unexpected atom bomb fall on?
According to Winston, approximately, what time was Ingsoc created?
After 1960
Winston is afraid of
Julia is a member of the
Junior Anti-Sex League
"Facecrime" is
wearing an improper expression on your face
Winston's hostile and glaring colleague in the Records Department is named
The sash around Julia's waist is what color?
Complete the slogan: "Who controls the past, controls the future; . . ."
"...who controls the present, controls the past."
Comrade Ogilvy is
a fictitious person created by Winston for a rewritten Times article
Both Syme and Parsons ask Winston if he has any spare
razor blades
Winston predicts that all of the following will be vaporized except:
All of the following are (presumably) vaporized except:
At the climax of the Two Minutes Hate, Goldstein's face turns into the face of
a sheep
Winston reflects that the only thing "cheap and plentiful" is
synthetic gin
Complete the slogan: War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is
According to Syme, what is "orthodoxy"?
According to Winston, where does hope lie?
the proles
What is the nickname the proles have for rocket bombs?
In his diary, Winston defines freedom as
the freedom to say that two plus two make four
Winston identifies the voice that says "We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness" as belonging to whom?
What did Winston steal from his younger sister?
Mr. Charrington offers to sell Winston a print of:
St. Clement's Dane
Inside the glass paperweight is a
piece of pink coral
Why do tears spring to Rutherford's eyes in the Chestnut Street Cafe?
A song, "Under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me," is played over the telescreen
What does the caption on the Big Brother posters say?
Big Brother is watching you
After a dream of seeing the girl in the Golden Country, Winston awakens with a word on his lips. What is the word?