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  1. Mr. Charrington offers to sell Winston a print of:
  2. What type of physical labor does Winston hate to do?
  3. Who/What is the representative of the government?
  4. Julia is a member of the
  5. According to Winston, where does hope lie?
  1. a Using his hands and bending down
  2. b Junior Anti-Sex League
  3. c Big Brother
  4. d St. Clement's Dane
  5. e the proles

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  1. Emmanuel Goldstein
  2. Oceania's form of government
  3. 85
  4. Ministry of Love
  5. The Outer

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  1. What is Winston's first rebellion?The Ministry of truth


  2. What is placed in every room in a house in order for the government to be able to listen to and watch citizens?Minipax


  3. Comrade Ogilvy iswearing an improper expression on your face


  4. Winston is afraid ofThe lower classes who live seperated from the Inner and Outer Parties


  5. Winston's hostile and glaring colleague in the Records Department is namedrazor blades