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  1. Who is the main character of 1984?
  2. What is thought crime?
  3. Complete the slogan: "Who controls the past, controls the future; . . ."
  4. Julia is a member of the
  5. According to Syme, what is "orthodoxy"?
  1. a unconsciousness
  2. b "...who controls the present, controls the past."
  3. c Winston Smith
  4. d Thinking anti-party thoughts
  5. e Junior Anti-Sex League

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  1. Miniluv
  2. Parsons
  3. synthetic gin
  4. O'Brien
  5. Srength

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  1. Which ministry deals with rationing and economics?Ministry of Plenty


  2. What did Winston steal from his younger sister?chocolate


  3. What does Winston work for?Oceania


  4. Who enforces the law in Oceania?The Ministry of Truth


  5. What does Winston do for the Ministry of Truth?Edits and revises historical records. Deletes the record of people who have been vaporized.


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