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  1. Winston is afraid of
  2. What is the new name for England?
  3. Who/What is the representative of the government?
  4. All of the following are (presumably) vaporized except:
  5. Which ministry deals with rationing and economics?
  1. a Big Brother
  2. b Ministry of Plenty
  3. c Rats
  4. d O'Brien
  5. e Airstrip One

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  1. A shadowy organization
  2. The Thought Police
  3. steamers
  4. Thinking anti-party thoughts
  5. Emmanuel Goldstein

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  1. Ingsoc is the newspeak word for what?English socialism


  2. What year was Winston born in?1944 or 1945


  3. Where does Winston Smith live?Oceania


  4. According to Winston, approximately, what time was Ingsoc created?the proles


  5. Which ministry deals with monitoring and controlling the population?Ministry of Plenty