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  1. How many minutes of hate are there every day in Oceania?
  2. When did the Great Purges occur?
  3. Which ministry deals with monitoring and controlling the population?
  4. Why do people hate Emmanuel Goldstein?
  5. What does Winston work for?
  1. a The Ministry of truth
  2. b In the fifties
  3. c Two
  4. d Ministry of Love
  5. e He betratyed Big Brother

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  1. Oceania
  2. the freedom to say that two plus two make four
  3. steamers
  4. Tillotson
  5. piece of pink coral

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  1. what country does Winston dream of?Golden Country


  2. What does the caption on the Big Brother posters say?The Inner


  3. What type of physical labor does Winston hate to do?none


  4. In Oceania, what is the association that all kids are placed into?Big Brother is watching you


  5. What does Winston do when he bends down?coughs


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