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  1. According to Syme, what is "orthodoxy"?
  2. What does Winston do when he bends down?
  3. Julia is a member of the
  4. What is London called in 1984?
  5. what country does Winston dream of?
  1. a Golden Country
  2. b London
  3. c unconsciousness
  4. d Junior Anti-Sex League
  5. e coughs

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  1. Like Horrible Rebels
  2. Oceania's form of government
  3. Parsons
  4. Emmanuel Goldstein
  5. Mrs. Parson

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  1. what department of the Ministry of Truth does Winston work in?Using his hands and bending down


  2. What is the newspeak word Ministry of Truth?Minitrue


  3. What is thought crime?Thinking anti-party thoughts


  4. The sash around Julia's waist is what color?Scarlet


  5. How many weeks of hate are there every year in Oceania?Like Horrible Rebels