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  1. What city did the unexpected atom bomb fall on?
  2. What does vaporized mean in the context of 1984?
  3. What is the new name for England?
  4. When did the Great Purges occur?
  5. What party is closest to Big Brother
  1. a The Inner
  2. b Airstrip One
  3. c All records of your existence are erased
  4. d Colchester
  5. e In the fifties

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  1. Golden Country
  2. Scarlet
  3. St. Clement's Dane
  4. Using his hands and bending down
  5. The Inner

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  1. Winston reflects that the only thing "cheap and plentiful" isParsons


  2. What are the other two countries besides Oceania?Eastasia, and Eurasia


  3. Who, specifically is the enemy of the people?Emmanuel Goldstein


  4. What are ways the government of Oceania controls its citizens?a typical rural landscape. beautiful plains and praries.


  5. what is the official Slogan of Oceania?Winston Smith