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tunica intima

inside, endothelial cells

tunica media

middle, smooth muscle and elastic fiber

tunica externa

fibrous connective tissue

common iliac vein

drains venous blood from pelvis and legs

internal iliac vein

drains pelvis

femoral vein

from popliteal, becomes external iliac vein

great saphenous vein

superficial vein, longest in body

popliteal vein

back of knee, from anterior tibial vein, forms femoral vein

fibular vein

in calf, produces popliteal vein

anterior/posterior tibial vein

serves calf and foot

dorsalis pedis vein

continuation of anterior tibial vein

metatarsal vein

drain into medial/lateral plantar vein

hepatic veins

right and left drain liver

right suprarenal vein

receives blood from adrenal, drains into inferior vena cava

right gonadal vein

blood from r ovary or testes, to inferior vena cava

external iliac vein

receives blood from lower limb

left suprarenal vein

receives blood from renals, drains into left renal vein

renal veins

paired, drain kidneys

lumbar veins

paired, blood from posterior ab wall to inferior vena cava

left gonadal vein

drains into left renal vein

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