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Chapter 14 Test

50 question review.
The Framers of the Constitution generally expected that the ____ would ultimately decide the winner of the presidential elections.
House of Representatives
An obvious and important difference between a president and a prime minister is that the latter always has...
majority support in parliment
In a parlimentary system, the voters can't choose...
the prime minister
____ did not hold national office before becoming preisdent.
Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Geroge W. Bush
More recent presidents have rarely been ____ just before becoming preident.
Customarily, the members of the president's cabinet are...
close friends, campaign aids, representatives of important constituaencies, experts on various policy issues
If you are an ambitious member of the British Parliment, prudence will dictate that you...
avoid displeasing the leader of your party
With substantial Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, President Kenedy, during the last year of his presidency, was able to secure passage of ____ of his proposals.
only one-fourth
The text cites the 1946 Marshall Plan and the Tax Reform Act of 1986 to illistrate that...
both were produced by divided governments
The text suggests that a "unified government" might be...
something of a myth
Which of the following statements is incorrect?
none of the above x 2
State electors assemble in Washington to cast their ballots
The House chooses one of the top two candidates
"unified government" may have been present when...
Roosevelt was president in 1933, Johnson was president in 1965
Which individual described the business of the president as "usually not much above routine" and mostly "mere administration"?
Woodrow Wilson
Which elastic clause has been a significant source of presidential power?
"Take care that the laws be faithfully executed"
The greatest source of presidential power can be found in...
politics and public opinion
The Constitution requires that the president be at least ____ years old.
The Constitution requires that the president be a resident of the Untied States for at least ____ years.
The president's salary is approximately ____ per year.
The text obsevres that the delegates to the Constitutional Convention feared...
monarchy and anarchy about equally
Alexander Hamilton stood at the Constitutional Convention and gave a five-hour speech calling for...
an elective monarchy
The case of those who argued for a single, elected president at the Constitutional Convention was, no doubt, aided by the fact that...
everybody assumed that George Washington would be the first president
An aspect of George Washington's personality that encouraged the delegates to the Constitutional Convention to approve an elected presidency was his...
One of the fears expressed by the Founders about aspects of the presidency was the fear of a president's...
using the militia to overpower state governments
On concern expressed at the Constitutional Convention focused on the possibility taht shared powers would cause the president to be a mere "tool" of...
the Senate
At the Constitutional Convention, the most frequent concern regarding the presidency focused on...
The primary source(s) of the expansion of presidential power can be found in it...
the president's ability to shape public opinion, the president's position as the head of the executive branch, the president's claim to certain "inherent" powers
The first plan suggested at the Constitutional Convention called for the president to be chosen by...
The second plan that was suggested at the Constitutional Convention for the selection of the president called for selection by...
the direct vote of the people
The Framers solved the problem of how to elect the president by...
creating the Electoral College
Under the original provisions of the U.S. Constitution, the states were to choose presidential electors...
however they wished
The Framers assumed that under the Electoral College system, most presidential elections would be decided in the House. Why did this not turn out to be the case?
Because political parties ended up playing a major role in producing nationwide support for a slate of national candidates
George Washington limited himslef to two terms, and no president served more until...
Franklin Roosevelt
Presidents are now limited to two terms by the...
22nd Amendment
The legitimacy of the officer of president was aided during the years of the first presidents by which of the following?
The minimal role played in the early government
When George Washington went to the Senate for advice on a treaty, he was told that...
the Senate would consider the matter privately
The personality of which president began to alter the relationship between the president and Congress and the nature of presidential leadership?
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson came to the presidency with which of the following experiences?
member of the House of Representatives, member of the U.S. Senate, military hero
Prior to the 1850s, the president who made the most vigorous use of the veto power was...
Andrew Jackson
Andrew jackson established the precedent that a president's veto can be used...
on policy grounds even when a bill may appear to be constitutional
Abraham Lincoln ____ without prior congressional approval.
raised an army
President Lincoln justified his unprecidented use of vague powers granted to the president in Article II of the U.S. Constitution by citing...
the conditions created by the civil war
From the examples of Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln, one learns that the emergency conditions and ____ can offer presidents opportunities for substantial increases in power.
a popular and strong-willed personality
In order to win the presidency today, a candidate must win ____ electoral votes.
In only ____ instances, candidates have won the electoral vote without winning a majority of the popular vote.
The last time a candidate won a amajority of the Electoral College without winning the popular vote was...
Given the distribution of electoral votes, a candidate possibly win the presidency with as few as ____ states.
Most Americans believe we should ____ the Electoral College.