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relatively cool star that has expanded to more than 700 times as large as our sun


groups of stars whose positions in the sky seem to change as earth moves


lowest layer of the sun's atmosphere that gives off light

Main Sequence

classification of about 90% of the stars

absolute magnitude

actual amount of light a star gives off

Binary System

two or more stars revolving around one another


produced from an explosion that occurs when a star's core collapses

neutron star

a star in which only neutrons can exist in its core

black hole

an object so dense that nothing, including light, can escape it.


a large group of stars gas and dust held together by gravity


large cool expanding star in which hellium fuses to form carbon

Apparent magnitude

amount of a stars light observed on earth


apparent shift in position of a object when viewed from different places used to determine distances

Light Year

distance that light travels in one year


Dark cooler areas of the sun's surface


layer of the sun atmosphere above the photosphere


outer layer and largest part of the sun's atmophere

White Dwarf

small hot star consisting of a hot dense core contracting under the force of gravity


Earlier stage of a stars formation

Big Bang Theory

Explanation for the beginning of the universe

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