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  1. What is Squalene?
  2. What are milia?
  3. Between a person's 30's and 80's how much does the Cell Cycle slow down?
  4. What is the name of the product Shania Twain famously uses as a moisturizer?
  5. What skin related problems arise directly as a result of sun exposure?
  1. a Small whitish lumps on the skin caused by clogged sebaceous glands. Milia typically occur on the face with the most common locations being around the eyes, face, across the nose and cheeks. In many instances, Milia disappear after a few weeks.
  2. b 1. discoloration of the skin / uneven skin tone (hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation, decrease or increase in skin pigment) 2. uneven pigmentation (solar lentigo / age spot, either brown, red or black in color) 3. dullness, rough texture (leathery skin) 4. dryness 5. wrinkles (fine lines and deeper wrinkles) 6. actinic keratosis (a precanerous overgrowth of skin caused by excess sun exposure) 7. rosacea 8. melasma (dark irregular patches on the face commonly caused by pregnancy) 9. thinning of the skin (visible veins, broken blood vessels) 10. brown bumps, white bumps (blackheads, whiteheads)
  3. c Between 30 to 50 percent of its pace in youth, meaning that older skin renews itself much more slowly, forming a rough surface of cells, rather than a smooth surface. [Skin Type Solution, 18]
  4. d Squalene is a natural organic compound produced by all plants and animals including humans. Produced in the liver, it is found in sebum, and helps keep hair flexible and the skin retain moisture. []
  5. e Bag Balm, a moisturizing product used for udder soreness in cows and chapped hands in farmers. Known for its ability to address dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It contains petrolatum, lanolin, and an antiseptic. [Skin Type Solution, 304]

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  1. ...
  2. Identical to a Blackhead, with the exception that a small amount of skin has grown over the follicle, resulting in the bump appearing white. []
  3. Glycerin acts as a humectant and an emollient to soften and smoothe skin
  4. Materials such as oils and waxes which cannot be penetrated by water. Occlusives are spread onto skin to form a film which shields it to slow and prevent moisture from evaporating. []
  5. Genistein is a polyphenol found in soybeans and other plants that mimics the action of Estrogen in the body, helping to reduce the production of wrinkles; however, like Estrogen, it also promotes increased pigmentation of the skin.

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  1. Besides wrinkles, what is another skin problem which significantly detracts from the face and skin's appearance?Dark spots. 21% of visits to the Dermatologist are for the treatment of dark spots.


  2. What is a Cell-Communicating Ingredient?Theoretically, they are ingredients that have the ability to induce a skin cell to look, act, and behave better, more like a normal healthy skin cell, or concurrently blocking substances which persuade skin cells to behave in a destructive manner []


  3. How long does the Cell Cycle take?Between 26 to 42 days. [Skin Type Solution, 18]


  4. How long does it take to acquire the recommended daily intake of Vitamin D from the sun?Cosmetic companies cannot lay claim to their products having any "Biological Activity" because they would need to be classified as "drugs" by the FDA and be subject to clinical trials.


  5. What percentage of skin aging is a result of sun damage?Ninety percent of skin aging is a result of sun damage


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