US History Chapter 16, 17, 18 Unit Test Study

Ms. Calabro, MPI, Unit Quiz, Chapters 16, 17, 18
Anti-suffragists feared that if women got the right to vote, they would...
ignore their duties at home
Jacob Rii's book that presented visual images of desperate urban povert...
How the Other Half Lives
The event that was a turning point for reform in workplace safety...
Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire
Governor that pushed through reforms on campaign spending, railroad regulation, and civil service in Wisconsin...
Robert M. La Follette
"On the killing-floor you might easily freeze,..." -The Jungle
Novel that prompted an investigation into the...
Meatpacking industry
By 1900, more than 2000 women had found employment in this field in which only 35 women worked in 1870.
In the Progressive Era, women reformers campaigned for civil rights, children's health and welfare, and...
Which aims did the NAACP and ADL share?
fighting negative stereotyping of a minority
What was the importance of the "Uprising of 20000"?
The uprising resulted in a shorter workweek and higher wages
How did the lawyer for the state of Oregon convince the Supreme Court to uphold a law that limited women to a 10-hour workday?
He cited concrete evidence linking working long hours with poor health
Why was the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire a landmark in labor history?
The tragedy led to New York reforms of safety measures, factory inspections, and sanitation standards that became a nationwide model.
What political reform was enacted through the ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment?
The direct election of senators
In the garment industry, why were women paid less that men?
Employers assumed that women were supported by their fathers or husbands
Reformers called for prohibition because they believed that alcohol...
was responsible for crime, poverty, and violence against women
Susan B. Anthony was arrested for...
voting on election day in Rochester, New York.
Americans who read about the revolt in Cuba were shocked by...
General Weyler's mistreatment of civilians
The destruction of the USS Maine shows an event that energized Americans to...
begin the Spanish-American War.
WHy did KIng Kalakaua give Pearl Harbor to the United States?
The Hawaiian League forced him to sign the bayonet constitution
The Anti-Imperialist League, the Colored Citizens of Boston, and AFL leader Samuel Gompers all opposed...
the annexation of the Philippines
Two popular ideologies that contributed to imperialism: a sense of nationalism and...
a feeling of cultural superiority
*Spanish forces in the Philippines were overcome by...
the Filipino rebel army and the US fleet
How did the US exert influence to Japan?
by two impressive display of naval power, 50 years apart.
Something true about circumstances leading up to US support of the Open Door Policy...
American leaders thought that it was too late to secure a sphere of influence in China.
After the Spanish-American War, a controversy arose over whether the US should annex....
the Philippines
*The US gained trading rights in China by...
sending notes to European nations and Japan that recommended all nations have equal trading rights in China
In the late 1800s, American expansionists were interested in Hawaii as a potential...
coaling station and naval base
*President Theodore Roosevelt received the Novel Peace Prize for helping to negotiate a peace treaty between....
Russia and Japan
What role did the US minister to Hawaii, John. L Stevens, play in the creation of the Republic of Hawaii?
He supported planters who rebelled against the queen.
The event that triggered a US declaration of war on Spain in 1898 was...
the destruction of the USS Maine
*US Secretary of State John Hay proposed the Open Door Policy in China in opposition to....
European spheres of influence
Social Darwinism encouraged people in industrialized nations to believe that...
they were superior to people who lived in less-developed countries.
*What prompted to Russo-Japanese War?
Japan and Russia each wanted to control Korea and Manchuria
The US borrowed over $24 Billion from the American people through...
the sale of Liberty Bonds
* Wilson's plan for a just and lasting peace...
The Fourteen Points
When Pres. Wilson presented the Treaty of Versailles to the US Senate, senators divided into three groups-- Democrats who supported ratification, irreconcilables who rejected it, and...
reservationists, led by Henry Cabot Lodge
Nation that emerged as the overriding economic world power at the end of WWI...
The United States
What prompted Germany to use U-boats and unrestricted submarine warfare?
the British fleet's blockade of German ports and transportation routes.
The Schlieffen Plan provided a precise list of instruction for..
Germany to wage a two-front war against France and Russia at the same time.
In 1914 what was the official US position in regard to the war in Europe?
Declared Neutrality
The famous "I Want You for the US Army" Poster was created by....
the Committee on Public Information
What was an important political outcome of WWI?
the overthrow of monarchies across Europe
How did Germans justify sinking the Lusitania?
Germany had declared the waters around England a war zone, as England had done with the North Sea
How did President Wilson's vision differ from that of the other world leaders at the Paris Peace Conference?
Wilson wanted a treaty that stressed openness, fair trade, and fewer weapons, but other leaders wanted to punish Germany for starting the war.
Between 1918 and 1919, nearly 700,000 Americans lost their lives because of...
What was the purpose of the Committee on Public Information?
to convince Americans to support the war
What method was considered unfair and barbaric in WWI?
the use of poison gas
The Schlieffen Plan called for a surprise invasion of France by...
President Wilson believed that this action by Germany violated the laws of neutrality...
submarine warfare.