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Handout on 1/25/2010. Provide the codes for the following. Include any necessary modifiers. In many cases, more than one code is required.

subcutaneous injection of human rabies immune globulin

90375, 96372

human immune globulin, intramuscular administration

90281, 96372

intramuscular injection of Lyme disease vaccine

90665, 90471

immunization with hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccine

90636, 90471



biofeedback training


hemodialysis procedure and single physician evaluation


diagnostic gastroenterology procedure, unlisted

91299, 99241

fluorescein angiography


speech Stenger test

92506, 92565

coronary thrombolysis by intracoronary infusion




complete transthoracic echocardiography for congenital anomalies


limited transcranial Doppler study of intracranial arteries


total vital capacity


prick tests with allergenic extracts for (1) house dust, (2) seaasonal grasses, (3) trees, (4) common ragweed, and goldenrod

95004 x 5

rapid desenstization procedure, discontinued

95180 - 52

2 hours, EEG monoriting


preparation of chemotherapy agent followed by arterial infusion, 3 hours

96422, 96423 x 2

PUVA photochemotherapy


mandated occupational therapy re-evaluation

97004 - 32

preparation and injections for allergies to bee and hornet stings


DPT and MMR vaccinations

90701, 90471, 90707, 90472

IM injection of antibiotic


speech audiometry threshold test, one ear

92555 - 52

precutaneous transluminal pulmonary artery balloon angioplasty, three arteries

92997, 92998 x 2

right heart catheterization in the hospital

93501 - 26

catheter placement for coronary angiography, in physician-owned catheterization laboratory


unusually complicated and difficult combined right heart and retrograde left heart catheterization

93526 - 22 - 26

indicator dilution studies with arterial and venous catheterization, subsequent, in the hospital

93562 - 26

percutaneous retrograde left heart catheterization, from femoral artery: injection procedure during the catheterization for aortography; and imaging supervision, interpretation, and report for aortography: in physician-owned cath laboratory

93510, 93544, 93556

right heart catheterization and retrograde left heart catheterization for congenital anomilies, in the hospital

93531 - 26

percutaneous insertion of intra-aortic balloon catheter, repeat procedure

33967 - 76

catheter placement in venous coronary bypass graft for coronary angiography; injection procedure for opacification of venous bypass graft; and imaging supervision, interpretation, and report; in physician-owned catheterization laboratory

93508, 93540, 93556

combined transseptal and retrograde left heart catheterization; injection procedure for left ventricular angiography; with imaging supervision, interpretation, and report, in the hospital

93524, 93543, 93555 - 25 - 26

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