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Adams and Jefferson Test Review


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The 2nd President of the United States
John Adams
Following the XYZ Affair John Adams almost went to war with
Laws which limited basic freedom of speech and press
Alien and Sedition Acts
What did John Adams build to protect the nation?
US Navy
Which two men tied in the Election of 1800
Jefferson and Burr
Who killed Alexander Hamilton
Aaron Burr
How was Jefferson's style different from Washington and Adams?
more casual
Who was the third President of the United States
Thomas Jefferson
How did Thomas Jefferson add territory to the United States?
Louisiana Purchase
Who led Jefferson's Corps of Discovery across the Louisiana Purchase?
Lewis and Clark
What was the furthest point west visited by Lewis and Clark
Pacific Ocean
Who was the Indian guide who assisted Lewis and Clark
How did Jefferson deal with England and France attacking US shipping?
Embargo of 1807
What were the effects of the Embargo of 1807
hurt US economy more than it hurt Europe
How much did the Louisiana Purchase cost?
$15 million
Which important city is at the mouth of the Mississippi River?
New Orleans
Who is the BEST Social Studies teacher in the United States?
Mr. Gigliotti