Hurricane Katrina Case Study


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Date of HK
August 2005
Location formed
SE Bahamas
Saffir-Simpson scale
Grew from a 3 to a 5 as travelled over Gulf of Mexico
Peak wind speed
175 mph
Lowest pressure
902 mb
Louisiana average wage; NO average wage
47,000; 17,000
Cost of repairs/reconstruction
105 bn
Total economic impact in Louisiana and Mississippi
150 bn
Oil refineries closed
Jobs at risk
1 mil
Forest land lost
1.3 mil acres
Levee failures
Amount of land turned into water
200 sq miles (USGS estimate)
% of NO flooded
Oil spilt/leaked after damage
7 mil gallons
People displaced
1 mil total (85% of NO population)
Large section of those impacted were
Black African Americans (US avg is 30%, NO avg is 60%)
Organisation who predicted and tracked
National Hurricane Centre
Early HK response (before landfall)
Aid pledged by congress
60 bn aid
Louisiana Superdome
Housed 30,000; designed for 800
Donation from Kuwait (largest donor)
500 mil
Rebuilt/reconstructed post HK
560 km of levees