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In Texas, what is the primary effect of a plural executive?

It dilutes the power of the governor and fragments the executive branch.

the governor of texas has

few formal powers, so the office is one of the weakest chief executive in the united states

As of 2005, how many women have served as governor of Texas?


In Texas, why are gubernatorial elections held in off years?


Who was the first Republican governor of Texas since Reconstruction and when was he or she elected?

william clements

What is the ultimate check on an elected official in Texas?


______ the only governor to be impeached and convicted.

james ferguson

In Texas, if a governor is unable to perform duties to his office or leaves office, ________ becomes or is the acting governor.

lieutenant governor

What is the most significant and far-reaching of the Texas governor's powers?

power to appoint boards and commissions

Which of the following is the best example of the Texas governor's military powers?


The Department of Public Safety is responsible for all of the following except:

animal and insect control

When the Texas governor strikes out particular spending provisions in an appropriations bill, it is called

line item veto

For a Texas governor, what is the benefit of a post-adjournment veto?

the legislature is prevented from overriding it

Why did the Texas constitution establish a plural executive?

there was suspicion of a strong chief executive

What makes the greatest difference between strong and weak governors of Texas?


In Texas, which officer in the plural executive is not elected by voters?

the secretary of state

Almost one-half of the attorney general's employees are involved in what government task?

collecting child support payments

The ______ is the oldest state agency in Texas.

land office

In Texas, what is the most important power of the state comptroller?

estimating tax revenues for the legislature

In Texas, the plural executive is directly accountable to the legislature through


Setting local telephone and electric rates is the responsibility of the

public utilities commission

Which of the following statements concerning the Texas Department of Insurance is incorrect?


Authority over railroads throughout Texas was given to the ________ in 2005.

texas department of transportation

What is the purpose of the Sunset Advisory Commission in Texas?

it reviews state agencies every 12 years to see if they are still needed

The Texas State Board of Education is responsible for all of the following, except:


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