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Fiedler Contingency Model


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Communication, Strategic sense, Inspires others, and passion.
High Task-Low Relationship
Plan,direct, clarify tasks, objectives and expectation. Monitor operations and performance.
High Task-High Relationship
Combine task and relationship behaviors
Low Task-High Relationship
Provide support and encouragement. Develop followers' skill and confidence. Consult and listen to follower when make decision.
Low Task-Low Relationship
Low concern for both tasks and relationships.
Poor relationship with followers, routine jobs, no power
Relationship oriented
Good relationship, routine jobs, high power
Task oriented
Poor relationship, non-routine, no power
Task oriented
Good relationship, non-routine jobs, no power
Relationship oriented
What is the most influencing factors in Leadership Contingency Theory ?
Relationship between leader and followers, (Task structure; routine or not, Position power; assign jobs, rewards and punishment)
LPC stand for ?
Least preferred coworker; mostly use in self assessment of leadership to find out Task/Relationship oriented style.