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Andrew Jackson


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How old was Jackson when he met the British in the American Revolution?
What did the British soldier tell Jackson to do?
Clean his shoes
What disease did Jackson catch in the British war camp?
Who rescued Jackson from the British war camp?
Jackson's brother died of _____________.
Jackson's father died in a __________ accident.
Jackson earned money as a teenager by ______________.
Jackson chose to be a ___________ as a career.
When he was young, Jackson's mother's advice to him was to not ________ _______.
tell lies
Jackson's first duel ending by both _________ in the air.
A divorce that isn't legal is called a ____-__________.
The controversy around Jackson's marriage was that his wife, Rachel, was ______ _______.
still married
Jackson's first political position was a ________ ___ ___ ___________ in Tennessee.
member of the house
Jackson did not like Washington because Washington favored ________ ________.
Jay's Treaty
At age 31, Jackson received the position of _______ ________ of Tennessee.
circuit judge
Jackson and Dickinson got into a dispute over a bet on a ______.
As a result of the duel between Jackson and Dickinson, Jackson __________ Dickinson.
Jackson got his troops home by __________ them home himself.
Jackson acquired the name ______ _________ because he was tough and marched with his wounded soldiers.
Old Hickory
The Native Americans invaded ______ ______ and slaughtered everyone.
Fort Sims
Jackson ___________ the little Native American boy he found.
______ ________ later became a hero in the Texas Revolution.
Sam Houston
_____ of Jackson's men died at Horseshoe Bend
Jackson's men kept count of the dead Native American's at Horseshoe Bend by _____ _____ _____ _____.
cutting off their noses
Jackson's betrayed his Native American allies in the Treaty of Fort Jackson by taking _________ ________ acres of land.
23 million
As a child, Jackson loved ________.
Jackson hated the British because a British soldier cut his _______ and _______ with a sword.
head and hands
Dickinson called Jackson's son a _______ _________.
worthless scoundrel
The event that made Jackson a national hero was the Battle of New Orleans during the _______ _____ _____.
War of 1812
The Democratic Party promised that would represent ________ people.
Jackson's supporters campaigned through parades, picnics, and ______.
___________________ democracy means common people should rule the government.
A group of people who met in the White House kitchen with Jackson were referred to as the _______ ______.
Kitchen Cabinet
Jackson created the ________ _______, a practice of giving civil service jobs to friends and supporters after winning an election.
spoils system
A law raising taxes on imported goods is called a ________.
The purpose of a tariff is so American manufacturers could outsell their ___________ competitors.
The __________ opposed tariffs because it would hurt cotton sales.
_________ _. ________ said the tariff was null and void, illegal, and not to be honored.
John C. Calhoun
Jackson responded to the tariff argument by making a law to _______ tariffs.
After the tariff incident, _________ _________ threatened to secede from the union.
South Carolina
Jackson disliked banks because he thought they only benefitted the ____.
__________ ___________ was the bank president of the United States of America Bank.
Nicholas Biddle
Henry Clay tried to make it where Jackson wouldn't be __________.
Jackson ignored the Supreme Court by letting Georgia have the right to ____________ _________.
Cherokee Land
When Jackson became President, the number of Native Americans that lived east of the Mississippi was ___________.
Five civilized tribes of Native Americans
Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole
_________ was the Cherokee Indian who developed a writing system for the Cherokee language.
The _____________ __________ ______ was an order Jackson made to move all Indians off their land.
Indian Removal Act
In 1831, the Supreme Court ruled that the Cherokee were an _______________ nation.
The ________ __ _____ was the journey the Cherokee made from their native lands to Oklahoma.
Trail of Tears
Great Britain's plan for dividing and defeating the US in the War of 1812 was to control the port at ______ _________ and up through Canada.
New Orleans
The pirate _______ _________ helped Jackson and the American forces during the Battle of New Orleans.
John Lafitte
Jackson used ____________ tactics to defeat British forces camped out at a sugar plantation.
A __________ is a wall of earth and wood.
Jackson felt that it was ________________ for British to be on American soil.
British cannons were fortified with barrels of __________ to ruin them.
Americans fired pieces of _________ out of their cannons to wipe out many of the charging British soldiers.
__________ British soldiers were lost in the Battle of New Orleans.
2000 or more
__________ American soldiers were lost in the Battle of New Orleans.
1 or 2 dozen
Americans thought that Jackson was responsible for winning the _____ __ _____ because the war ended after his attack.
War of 1812
After defeating the Spanish and Seminoles, Jackson took the job of _________ of Florida.
Jackson decided to run for president in 1824 because he believed there was ___________ in Washington.
Adams rewards ________ _____ for influencing the House of Representatives by making him secretary of state.
Henry Clay
During the election, Jackson's mother was accused of being a ___________.
Shortly after the election, Jackson's wife Rachael _______.
Jackson believed paper money was _________.
Jackson routinely release toxins from him bloodstream by _________ __________.
cutting himself
Jackson was able to pay off our national debt by __________ federal land.
The ___________ were the first to leave their homelands and head west to Indian territory.
Many Native Americans dislike __________ ________ because Jackson's face is on it.
$20 bills