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  1. photosynthesis
  2. Linnaeus
  3. meteors and/or cosmic dust clouds carried various complex organic molecules to the Earth, which eventually evolved into what we know today.
  4. A. bacteria.
    B. protists.
    C. yeasts.
    D. prokaryotes.
    E. none of the kingdoms.
  5. order
  1. a One of the theories about the origin of life is panspermia. Panspermia proposes that
  2. b The binomial system of classification of organisms was developed by
  3. c Lacking one of the criteria to be strictly classified as living units and containing fragments of eukaryotic genomes, the viruses are included in
  4. d In the taxonomic hierarchical system for grouping organisms, the next higher group to a family is
  5. e All living organisms possess the following features except

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  1. Which one of the following statements about origin of land plants is false?
  2. If two organisms are in the same phylum and the same order, then they also belong to the same
  3. The order Passeriformes includes all of the so-called perching birds. Select a choice (A-E) to make the following sentence true: The next more inclusive taxon to the Passeriformes would be the ________; the next less inclusive taxon would be the __________.
  4. Life apparently originated on Earth about
  5. Which of the following is generally not considered essential to explain the origin of life on Earth?

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  1. speciesThe biological name of an organism in the binomial system contains two parts, the genus and the


  2. contain organellesAll living organisms share all of the following features in common except they


  3. 2.5 billion years oldThe oldest fossils of eukaryotes have been estimated to be


  4. ArchaebacteriaSegmentation is thought to have evolved three times, twice in protostomes and once in deuterstomes as seen in the


  5. 3Living organisms can be divided into _____ domains.