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  1. ATP
  2. six kingdoms
  3. inoculating with a few bacteria to get the process started
  4. hierarchical
  5. how mitochondria and chloroplasts were derived from prokaryotic cells
  1. a In the original experiments by Stanley Miller and Harold Urey to synthesize organic molecules in an abiotic environment, which one of the following would you not expect to find in the collection flask?
  2. b Most biologists now recognize and use a newer system for classification of all organisms that identify
  3. c A scientist is studying endosymbiosis in cells. This means she is investigating
  4. d In that any one group fits within a more inclusive group, the biological classification systems are
  5. e An experimental test of the hypothesis to explain the origin of the first organic compounds on Earth might include all of the following sequential steps (starting with A and proceeding to E) except

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  1. Diversity among the vast numbers of organisms that have arisen on Earth can be attributed to ____.
  2. It has been discovered that enzyme-like catalysis can be carried out not only by enzymes but also by
  3. Life apparently originated on Earth about
  4. The phenomenon that probably gave rise to the organelles in eukaryotes is
  5. The binomial system of classification of organisms was developed by

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  1. sexual reproductionKingdom Protista can be described as


  2. Archaea and Eukarya share the characteristic of growth not inhibited by streptomycin and chloramphenicolWhich statement is an accurate description of the characteristics found in the examples below that relate to the three Domains of life?


  3. segmentation evolved separately in these two groupsAlthough the Archaebacteria were classified in the same group with the Bacteria, they are probably more closely related to the Eukarya. Which one of the following features do they share in common with the bacteria?


  4. kingdomMolecular data indicates that land plants belong in the same ________ as green algae.


  5. The structure of the eukaryotic cell allows the physical separation of replication and transcription.Which one of the following statements about the characteristics of eukaryotes is false?


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