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  1. species
  2. Archaebacteria
  3. cyanobacteria
  4. Land plants are now considered a subgroup within the Chlorophyta
  5. oxygen
  1. a The early Earth's reducing atmosphere probably contained all of the following except
  2. b The biological name of an organism in the binomial system contains two parts, the genus and the
  3. c A kingdom not containing eukaryotes is
  4. d The group that probably gave rise to chloroplasts is the
  5. e Which one of the following statements about origin of land plants is false?

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  1. All of the following were produced in experiments on primitive Earth conditions conducted by Miller-Urey and others, except for
  2. Of the following, the correct order from largest, most inclusive group to smallest, most specific group, is
  3. A scientist is studying endosymbiosis in cells. This means she is investigating
  4. Kingdom Protista can be described as
  5. Although the Archaebacteria were classified in the same group with the Bacteria, they are probably more closely related to the Eukarya. Which one of the following features do they share in common with the bacteria?

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  1. multicellularityThe characteristics of life include all of the following except


  2. six kingdomsEukaryotic organisms are classified into a total of


  3. mitochondria and chloroplastsTwo principal organelles of eukaryotes that share features with one another and with bacteria from which they apparently were derived are the


  4. The structure of the eukaryotic cell allows the physical separation of replication and transcription.Urey and Miller, using a sterile container with boiling water, a reducing atmosphere, an electric spark, and a condenser, were able to determine that


  5. ViridiplantaeKingdom Protista can be described as


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