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Roman Empire

Julius Caesar
Popular general who was made "Dictator for Life" and later assassinated in the Senate.
--Julius Caesar's Egyptian lady love with whom he had a child
--Also hooked up with Mark Antony
--Committed suicide with an asp
Mark Antony
--Young senator and friend of Caesar
--lover of Cleopatra
--lost to Octavius by committing suicide
--Nephew of Caesar and 1st Emperor of Rome
--Ruled in peace for 44 years (until he was murdered)
--Emperor when Jesus was born.
--Cruel emperor who moved palace to Capri
--he was emperor when Jesus died.
--Cruel emperor who only ruled for four years, mentally unstable.
--Today, his name is synonymous with decadence and hedonism
--Reportedly "fiddled while Rome burned." --Blamed fire on Christians
--Assassinated ("What a great artist the world is losing!")
5 Romance Languages
French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian
Flavian Ampitheater
--Common name: The Colosseum
--Named after the emperor Flavius Vespasian
--50,000 seat stadium for entertaining the masses with gladiator fights
Circus Maximus
Huge oval stadium for chariot races
A temple in Rome dedicated to all (pan) the gods (theo). Dome has a hole in the top.
Goths, Vandals, Huns
3 barbarian tribes who contributed to the downfall of the western half of the Roman Empire.
Germanic warrior who ran off the last Roman emperor in 476; he became the first barbarian king of Italy.
476 CE
Generally considered to be the year of the fall of the western Roman Empire
Mt. Vesuvius
The volcano that destroyed the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79 CE
"Veni. Vidi. Vici."
Quote by Julius Caesar. Means "I came. I saw. I conquered."
"The die is cast."
Quote by Julius Caesar spoken before he crossed the Rubicon to march on Rome. Means he's taking a gamble, and no one knows how it will turn out, but there's no going back.
Date of Caesar's assassination
March 15, 44 BCE (The Ides of March)
A miles-long arched structure built by the Romans for bringing water from the mountains to the people.
"I would rather be the first man [in a barbarian village] than the second man in Rome."
Quote by Julius Caesar--demonstrates his hunger for power.
"Et tu, Brute. Then fall Caesar."
From Shakespeare's play "Julius Caesar;" they're Caesar's last words before dying. Phrase means, "And you, Brutus? Then, I'll give up and die."
Powerful Chieftain of the Huns; super scary barbarian; "The Scourge of God"
The capital of the eastern half of the Roman Empire.
Greco-Roman culture (Greek-Roman)
Classical civilization
parade through Rome; only granted to those who'd killed a minimum of 5,000 of the enemy
- the admired Roman virtue of having discipline, strength, and loyalty (today, it means "seriousness")
Senatus Populusque Romanus (The Senate and the People of Rome); It's still seen on Roman public works.

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