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According to Emile Durkheim, a category of people with higher suicde rate typically have

lower social integration

Making use of the sociological perspective encourages

challenging commonly held beliefs

Which German word meaning "understanding" was used by Max Weber to describe his approach to sociological research?


The term "sociology" was coined in 1838 by

Auguste Comte

Herbert Spencer described human society as having much in common with

The human body

Karl Marx believed that religion

Support social inequality

W.E.. Du Bois claimed that ____ was the major problem facing the U.S. during the 20th century


The dominant values of U.S. culture include which of the following?

A belief in individualism

The U.S. is the most ____ of all countries


Key values of U.S. culture

Are sometimes in conflict with one another

Among all forms of life, humans stand out as the only species that

Relies on culture to ensure survival

The early U.S. sociologist who described the difference between folkways and mores was

William Graham Sumner

Based on the Harlows' research with rhesus monkeys and the case of Anna, the isolated child, one might reasonably conclude that

Long-term social isolation leads to permanent developmental damage in both monkeys and humans

Baded on reasearch around the world, Paul Ekman concludes that people everywhere express how man basic emotions


If you were a prisoner, a maximum-security prison would be which of the following types of organizations from your point of view

A coercive organization

About what share of the states in this country have laws that permit marriage between first cousins

Half of the states

Which statement about terrorism is True

Whether someone is a "terrorist" or a "freedom fighter" is often a matter of definition, identifying and effectively targeting terrorists is usually difficult, democratic societies are especially vulnerable to terrorism

Thinking about how patterns of child-rearing vary by class, lower-class parents generally stress ___, while well-to-do parents typically stress ___


Mead placed the origin of the self in

Social experience

Jean Piaget's focus was on

Cognition, or how people think and understand

On average, a U.S. household has at least one television turned on for how many hours a day


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