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Berbers arrive in Spain


Moors rename Spain this


Crossed straights of Gibraltar to take Spain

Al-Walid I

Caliph who sent the Berbers (Umayyad)


Leader of Berber army

Battle of Tolosa

Ultimate and first battle in invasion of Spain


Date of Battle of Tolosa


Beginning of Civil Wars in Spain


Takes control of Al-Andalus until 750


Abbasids overthrow Umayyads


Abd-ar-Rahman took control of Al-Andaluz


Takes control of Al-Andaluz in 756; refuses to answer to caliph; most of family killed; establishes himself as Ahmir of Cordoba

Ahmir of Cordoba

Ruler of Cordoba; Abd-ar-Rahman establishes himself as this


Abd-ar-Rahman III enters the stage


Abd-ar-Rahman III of Ahmir of Cordoba proclaims himself as new Umayyad Caliph

Golden Age

What happened when Caliph was proclaimed in Al-Andaluz

Abd-ar-Rahman III

Grandson of Abd-ar-Rahman; proclaims himself new Umayyad Caliph; makes Golden Age in Spain

Yusuf Almoravid

Defeats Christians and replaces muslim princes


Civil Wars after Cordoba Caliphate collapsed

Yusuf ibn-tashfir

Took over Spain in 12th century


Christain kings under Alfonso VIII defeat Almoravids; Christianity restored to Spain

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