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  1. luther's belief that faith alone was enough to reach salvation
  2. began by Pope Leo X; pardon sold by catholic church to reduce one's punishment as long as they repented
  3. A list of reading materials forbidden to be read by Catholics
  4. transmission of ideas of the renaissance north, mainly to germany;driven more by printing and literature than art
  5. french followers of calvin
  6. a new way to make artwork in which things looked more realistic because things up close were bigger than things far away, revolutionizing artwork.

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  1. edict of nantesgave Huguenots freedom of worship, published by Henry IV


  2. Utopiameans "fresh" and refers to painting directly on wet plaster


  3. humanistsfrench followers of calvin


  4. counter-reformationcatholic reformation that began in the 1530s as an effort to foster a more spiritual outlook in the church and clarified the doctrines of the church; campaign against protestants


  5. frescomeans "fresh" and refers to painting directly on wet plaster


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