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Pax Romana
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principatethe government established by AugustusIn search of spiritual perfection, many early Christians...fled to the desert to live as hermits, undertook self-denial, living on minimal food and sleep, and formed monastic communitiesthe influential philosophy of Neoplatonism held that...each person contained a spark of divinity that could be cultivated through contemplation and proper livingWhich of the following Jewish groups withdrew from society and attempted to live pure lives?EssenesThe culmination of the weekly ceremonies of the early Christians was the Eucharist...a commemoration of the last supper: a sharing of wine a breadWhich of the following was NOT one of the reasons for Rome's declining birthrate under the empire?Augustus' new laws on marriage and family (reasons include: people having fewer children to preserve their inheritance intact, seriously mistaken views by physicians on sex and female fertility, and the use of birth control methods and abortions)Once Christianity became the official religion of the empire...the artistic depictions of Christ started to change form the Good Shepherd to the lord of the universe, the organization of the Christian church began to duplicate the civil order of Rome, and Christian bishops became bold enough to criticize the conduct of the emperorThe government established by Augustus after 27 BCE has come to be called the...prinicpateWhich of the following is NOT true of the career of Jesus?He called for the overthrow of the Roman government (He did: teach a message of peace, love, and care for the suffering and poor, performed miracles and cures, and was seen by his apostles to have risen from the dead after his crucifixion)The dynasty of Augustus, the dynasty of Vespasian, and the era of the "Five Good Emperors" all ended with...the accession of an incompetent or viciously immoral sonIt can be said of the rule of the Roman Emperor Diocletian that...he ended the chaos of the past fifty years, but at the cost of weakening the will of many Romans to support public life or fight for the empireConstantine shifted the capital of the Roman Empire to Byzantium, later called Constantinople, because...he wished to locate the capital nearer to vital military frontiersWhich major problems did the Roman Empire face in the late second and third centuries?major plagues, economic recession, and inflationThe reign of the Roman Emperor Diocletian was notable for...vigorous administrative measures and reorganization of the empireAugustus improved the organization of imperial gov't by...directly controlling about half of the provinces and sending representatives to govern them, creating a foreign service drawn from men of the equestrian class eager to advance, and eliminating private tax collectorsDuring his principate, Augustus did all of the following EXCEPT...abolish the Senate because of the great opposition that he found there (he did: continue to allow the appointment of the traditional magistrates to carry out the public business, use his personal wealth to balance the budget and rebuild Rome, and accept the title "Father of the Fatherland")The trade route by which precious goods moved from China to the Mediterranean was the...Silk RoadThe emperor Constantine affected the future of Christianity by...ending the persecutions, supporting the church by giving them tax advantages and returning property, and building the first great churches and making the holy land a place of pilgrimageThe bloody displays of arena and circus served the purpose of showing...the empire's dominance of its enemies, the generosity of the emperor who paid for the games, increasing loyalty to him, and people how to face death bravely and honorablyThe Council of Nicea...stated that Christ had always existedAntony and Octavian attempted to create a bond of alliance between them by arranging...for Antony to marry Octavian's sister, OctaviaIn what way did Christian behavior reshape Roman society?by rejecting gladiatorial games and the exposure of unwanted childrenWhich of the following Jewish groups emphasized violent revolt against the Romans?ZealotsWhich of the following was NOT an aspect of the growing monastic movement?To save money to be used when the empire returned to prosperity (BUT some aspects are a desire to escape from the growing distractions of the world, living lives of self-denial in order to concentrate on spiritual values, and to find shared spiritual values in a communal society of Christians)After the death of Julius Caesar...A series of civil wars ended in the one-man rule of AgustusSt. Augustine's attitude toward sexuality was that it was...An aspect of original sin that humans are born with and must keep constant vigil againstThe next dynasty, that of Vespasian, came to power in 69 C.E. as a result of...A bloody Civil War fought by the armies to secure the power for their commandersMelania the Younger...Was famous for her dedication to celibacy and establishment of religious institutionsWhich of the following political and administrative changes did Diocletian NOT make?Returning all civil power to the Senate, which would choose the consuls (BUT he did and the principate by adopting the title of "lord" and having himself worshipped as a living god, divide the empire among for rulers: 2 augusti, who would each choose a caesar, and concentrate most of the army at inland bases, to be quickly moved to any threatened part of the border)Antony and Cleopatra lost the Battle of Actium because...Cleopatra abandoned the battle with her fleet, and Anthony followed herWhich of the following was NOT a mystery cult?Platonism (BUT Isis and Serapis, Mithraism, and cult of Dionysus was)The end of the Roman Peace (Pax Romana) was marked by the...Death of emperor Marcus Aurelius in 180Rome completed its domination of the Mediterranean when...Octavian defeated Antony and CleopatraThe mystery religions...Reflected the multiculturalism of the Roman empire because of their diverse cultural originsDuring the Second Triumvirate...and before their final showdown, Octavian force the third member, Lepidus, to retireThe colosseum was used for the bloody display of...Gladiators, wild animal slaughter, mass executions of condemned criminals