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Which of the following options is a benefit of using a Linked Smart Object over using a regular Smart Object in a nondestructive way?
The ability to perform nondestructive transforms without losing original image quality.
What happens when you copy and paste layer styles from one layer onto another layer with its own existing layer styles?
The existing layer styles are replaced by the pasted layer styles
You have developed layer effects and smart filter settings on a sample file you would like to apply to all the images. Which two options would be the best ways to apply the effects to the rest of the images?
- Save the layer effects as layer styles

- Create an action to apply the layer effects and filters to all the images in the folder
Equalizing the visual distribution of elements within an image's composition. Two types are symmetrical and asymmetrical
Visually showing prominence of some visual elements in the image relative to others to show order and organization
All the elements of the image have a visual connection with one another
The physical distance between the visual elements in an image which can help show the relationships between them
What information will you need from the client before you can use the photos they provided in the brochure?
Copyright permissions for all five images
When requesting digital photo files from a professional photographer, what file format should you generally request to ensure the most flexibility in processing the image?
Paint Bucket Tool
Fills an enclosed, contiguous area on the canvas with the current foreground color
Pencil Tool
Draws hard-edged lines and strokes that cannot be softened
Art History Brush Tool
Paints with stylized strokes, using data from selected history state or snapshot
Mixer Brush Tool
Simulates realistic-looking painting techniques, such as blending canvas colors and varying brush wetness
History Brush Tool
Paints using data from a selected previous state or snapshot
Brush Tool
Paints lines and strokes of selected colors and settings
The amount of space between two particular characters to make them look more natural as a pair
The amount of space between all the characters in a selected block of type. Sometimes called character spacing.
The imaginary line on which most letters in a typeface sit. It is below the x-height, and above the decent line
A common measurement in typefaces equal to 1/72nd of an inch, measured from the top of the highest ascender to the lowest descender in the front
When designing a brochure for your client, what should be the first question to ask to guide your design?
Who is this brochure meant to reach? Who is its audience?
The photos for the trifold brochures will very likely be reused for a web page which the shipping company is planning for sales. What are two advantages to using Smart Object layers for the photos?
- They allow you to apply filters such as Blur, Sharpen, or Stylize in editable, non-destructive ways

- They convert bitmapped images to vector graphics so they can be adapted and edited more easily
You are working on the cover of a romance novel for which the client-author has suggested a color scheme. Unfortunately, the color scheme he suggested has colors that clash and are unattractive together. What should you do?
Raise your concerns about the color scheme and present alternative suggestions.
In one picture of a group of students, one student is standing too far to the right, apart from the rest of the group. What is the best Photoshop feature to use to move that student closer to the group?
Content-aware move
Which size would be most appropriate for full-width banner ads you are creating for the clothing store?
Width: 728 pixels/Height: 90 pixels
The individual dots or points that together make up a digital image on a screen or monitor.
Bitmap Graphic
Digital images made up of individual dots in a grid.
Vector Graphic
Digital images made up of mathematically drawn lines, curves, and shapes.
A measurement of a digital image's size by the number of dots in the image's grid.
Images intended for use as a book cover are often initially created in Photoshop and then exported to Illustrator or InDesign for final print production. Which two steps should be performed in Photoshop prior to export?
- Modify the design with Soft Proofing.

- Change image color mode to CMYK.
You have selected a small image you'd like to turn into a brush, and you want the brush to have sharp edges. How do you do that?
While painting with the brush, set the hardness of the sampled brush to 100%
Which two of the following are best practices to prepare images for use on the web?
- Change all pictures to use the sRGB color profile as a standard for saving web images.

- To optimize images for the web, use the File > Export > Save for Web & Devices command
What is a benefit of creating snapshots in the History panel as you are working?
Snapshots let you compare the effects of applying filters with different settings.
Which of the following is an advantage linking images into Photoshop versus embedding them (such as with Open, Import, or cutting and pasting)?
Linked files contain a full copy of all the external file's information within the Photoshop document.
An early step in designing a new image for use as a book cover is to establish a general layout and color scheme. How might this be presented to the client in order to get their approval?
- A rough sketch

- A preliminary mock up
Your advertising company has hired a photographer to take pictures for the ads. The photos were taken in a public place and include the model, wearing the advertised clothing, interacting with other people. In addition to your work-for-hire agreement with the photographer, what specific additional permissions must you obtain before you can use the photos in web-designing?
Copies of the "model releases" from everyone who appears in the photo that is identifiable.
The visual design of the typography helps communicate the purpose of an advertisement. Based on that fact, which two of the following statements are true about the role of typography in visual design?
- You should select typefaces that help illustrate the style and tone of the store and the merchandise being advertised.

-When laying out text in an advertisement, be sure to consider the style, color, and spacing.
As a first step to adapting the school photo, you would like to change it to black-and-white. What is the quickest way to convert a color image to black-and-white (grayscale) non-destructively?
Create an adjustment layer using the Black & White menu option
Because they were originally used for a print brochure, the digital photos were stored at a high resolution in TIFF (.tif) format. After changing the photos' size for the web, in which file format would it be the best to save them?
Due date
How much time will be allotted for project completion?
What needs to be done to adapt the photos' sizes and file formats?
Exactly how many photos are there and how are they categorized?
Resource Allocation
Assign hardware, software, and content to the appropriate personnel.
When preparing images in Photoshop to be used for different media-print, web, and video-different file formats are required. Select the three export options which provide the greatest flexibility and utility.
You will be applying some special effects to the image the superintendent sent you of the school building. When editing the photo, what Color Mode should you use the greatest number of Photoshop's features?
To see whether a smart filter effect has been applied to the layer.
Hotspot D (the double-circle icon on the right side of the particular layer)
To see whether a layer style has been applied to the layer.
Hotspot C (the "fx" icon on the right side of the particular layer)
To add a layer style to a particular layer.
Hotspot A (the "fx" icon at the bottom of the panel)
To hide the currently applied filter.
Hotspot B (the "eye" icon next to the filter layer)
Which of the following are three effects of applying the Flatten Image command in Adobe Photoshop?
• All visible layers are combined into a single layer.
• Reduces the Photoshop file size.
• Hidden layers are discarded
You are in the Gradient Editor that shows a gradient with one color at the beginning, another in the middle, and a third at the end. How do you delete the middle color stop when editing a gradient?
Drag the color stop down off the line until it disappears.
Polygonal Lasso
After drawing a shape with straight-edged sides, this tool selects the area enclosed by the shape.
After drawing a free-form shape, this tool selects the area enclosed by the shape.
Magic Wand
This tool selects all contiguous pixels with similar colors with a single click.
Quick Select
By "painting" over part of the selection area, automatically fills an area expanded to defined edges in the image.
E-book covers usually mimic the size and shape of the cover of the printed book, if there is one. You are adapting an e-book cover from a print cover that is 6" wide x 9" high. What would be the appropriate dimensions for the e-book cover to maintain the aspect ratio of the print cover?
Width: 1200 pixels/Height: 1800 pixels
Golden Ratio
A rule in which items are aligned at the square within a rectangle with a ratio of about 1:1.61
Rule of Thirds
To achieve a more pleasing composition, align the more interesting features at the horizontal and vertical thirds of the workspace
A grid layout
Aligning content to a series of horizontal, vertical, diagonal or curved guide lines for structure
Center Weighted
The distribution of highlights and shadows in an image is determined by the focus on the center of the image.
This is a new client for your company-one with whom you have little experience. What would be the best way to begin to determine the styles to use in building ads for this particular client?
Talk to the client about specific expectations they have about the ad design.
If you complete the brochure in Adobe InDesign, which three of the following statements describe advantages to linking your Photoshop files to the brochure file in InDesign, rather than placing them or copying and pasting them?

• All of Photoshop's linked layers can be made visible or invisible within InDesign.

• Photoshop's transparency settings in layers and masks are recognized in InDesign.

• Photoshop's vector text and vector shapes are accepted as vector objects in InDesign.
Which three of the following statements about using vector masks are true?
- The masks create clean, defined edges because it uses a sharp-edged shape as a mask.

- The shape creating the masks can be edited later without modifying the pixels they show or hide

- The masks are resolution-independent and can be easily enlarged