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You need a lot of ____________ to practice every day. = the ability to control your own behavior, so that you do what you need to do (similar to will power)
It takes years of practice to reach your _________. = to be as successful as you possibly can be
She seems to have an __________ for music. = a natural ability
He _________ himself to the violin at an early age. = to use all or most of your time, effort etc in order to do something
She was very _________ and practiced a lot. = wanting to put a lot of time and energy into something
She is in a special program for ________ children. = people who a natural ability to do one or more things very well
Mozart was a child _________ in music. = a young person who has a great natural ability in a subject or skill
Her teachers recognized her _________ early on. = a very high level of intelligence, mental skill, or ability, which only a few people have
Getting ___________ from others is essential for improving. = comments or suggestions to help some get better at something
He developed some good __________ to help him remember new words. = a planned series of actions for achieving something
The practice helped her _________ her speed and strength. = to grow or change into something bigger, stronger, or more advanced,
She __________ her fluency a lot this session. = got better
work on
I need to _________ my pronunciation. = practice so that I can improve.
figured out
He finally _________ how to solve the problem. (2 words) = to think about a problem or situation until you find the answer or understand what has happened
She was ____________ to win. = having a strong desire to do something
He practices ____________. = often and at the same time each day, week, month
His parents put a lot of _________ on him. = when you feel anxiety because you have to do something
in the zone
She was really _________ today. (3-word idiom) = playing or doing something very well
He was completely ___________ in the game. = when you are so interested in something that you do not pay attention to other things
She __________ in front of 500 people. = to do something to entertain people
Anderson says that people need to do __________ practice in order to improve. = with attention, focus, and careful planning.
He needs to _________ more on how he moves his fingers while playing guitar. = concentrate; put your attention on one thing
Practice should be __________ but not too hard. = difficult in an interesting or enjoyable way
The practice became ___________ and he gave up. = when people can't continue because something is too difficult or there is too much
He went to baseball _________ yesterday. = a time when people who want to be in a sports team, activity etc are tested, so that the best can be chosen
She went to __________ for the school play. = when an actor or singer does a short performance to see if they are good enough to act in a play, sing in a concert etc
She is making a lot of __________ in her pronunciation. = improvement; the process of getting better
Effective practice requires a lot of __________. = thinking carefully about one thing for a long time
Beginners who are studying guitar need to learn some basic ___________ first. = a special way of doing something (Ex. how to hold a guitar, how to strum, how to make chords)
His teaching _________ are very traditional and he lectures a lot. = a planned way of doing something
break down
He suggests that people __________ complex skills into simple pieces. (2 words) = separate something into smaller parts so that it is easier to do or understand
_____________ is an important part of practice. = doing the same thing over and over.
First the teacher focused on ___________ skills. = the most basic and important parts
He was able to improve his driving __________ over the summer. = increase in a big and fast way
She spends a lot of time on _________ practice. = doing something alone
For practice to be useful, it needs to be ____________. = requiring physical or mental energy.
He is a chess ___________. = someone with a very high level of skill or knowledge in a particular area
That chess class is perfect for __________. = beginners; someone who has no experience in a skill, subject, or activity
In order to improve at a sport, people need to _________ a lot of time and energy. = to put something (Ex. time, money, energy) in to become successful
She is very __________ about her tennis skill. = does not want to talk about their abilities or achievements
She had a __________ for music. = when you like something very much
To get really good at something requires a lot of ___________. = keep doing something over a long time even though it is difficult; i.e. not giving up
He worked hard and _________ a lot. = to successfully complete something or get a good result, especially by working hard
When you are really good at something, you can do it ____________. = without thinking about it.
It takes a long time to develop _________ of a skill like playing the violin. = a very high level of skill or ability
He got ________ because he was making the same mistake over and over. = feeling angry because you cannot do something or get what you want
To improve, you have to __________ yourself to work hard. = force
The practice sessions were very __________. = very serious, uses a lot of effort, and often involves doing a great deal in a very short time
Her parents are very proud of her _________. = the things you succeed in doing, especially after trying very hard
My mother _________ me practice the piano every day, but I didn't like it very much. = forced; do something that you don't want to do.
My mother didn't ________ me watch TV or play video games. = allow; say it is okay to do something that you want to do
She didn't _________ me play tennis. = force; do something that you don't want to do.
My parents ___________ me to try out for the soccer team. = say nice things to support you or give you confidence to do something
Watching videos of myself ________ me improve my tennis skills. = making it possible or easier to do something
Exercising a lot __________ me really hungry.
Practicing with friends __________ it more fun.
Slowing down a video _________ it easier to understand what people are saying. = cause something to happen
The coach __________ us practice with a partner. = told us to do something
get the hang of
It takes time to __________ driving. (idiom-4 words) = to begin to learn something and feel confident with it
Working one-on-one with her teacher _______ her to get specific feedback on how to improve. = made it possible to do something
give up
He decided to _________ football because he had too many injuries. (2 words) = to stop doing something, especially something that you do regularly
burned out
She worked so hard at dancing that eventually she _________. (2 words) = do something too much and want to quit