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grand jury

a group that hears evidence in a crimnial case and decides whether there is enough evidence to bring the accused person to trial


person who represents the government side in a court case


the person or company filing the complaint in a civil law suit


a decision of jury


statement under oath


a less serious crime

original jurisdiction

the authority of a court to be the first court to hold as a guarantee that he/she will appear in court


process during which appears before a court to enter a plea

jury duty

serving on a jury

criminal case

court cases in which a person is accused of breaking a criminal law

reasonable doubt

doubt about guilt of a criminal defendant


the determination of a persons guilt or innocence by due process

probable cause

the reason for an arrest, based on the knowledge of a crime and the available evidence




a person accused of crime in a court case

jury foreman

person who keeps order and leads jury, reads verdict

civil case

court cases involving disputes over money or property between individuals or businesses


serious crime, such as homicide and kidnapping

appellate jurisdiction

the authority of some courts to review decisions and by lower courts


money or property an accused person gives a court to hold as a guarantee that he or she will appear for their trial


entering of guilty or not guilty by accused

police officer makes...


takes suspect to the...


officer presents...

probable cause

if magistrate finds cause- writes a....


the officer serves


magistrate sets bail or does what?

lets go on own recognizance

next business day- arraigiment in district court in front of judge, bailiff and accused. judge appoints a lawyer if accused needs one, sets...

preliminary hearing date

at preliminary hearing...

all players ( officer, judge, prosecutor, defense, accused, bailiff) are there. officer testifies to probable cause and facts(who, what, where, when, etc.) and is questioned by the attorneys, accused enters plea

if judge at preliminary hearing(General District Court) agrees with probable cause, goes to.....

grand jury(panel of 12)

officer testifies again in front of

grand jury

they agree with probable cause-signs true bill- inclement, set date for.......

Circuit court trial

goes to Circuit Court or...

if no bill, it is over

circuit court trait

suspect has choice if jury or just a judge

then they go to


term of Virginia Supreme Court Justice

12 years, elected by majority of both houses of General Assembly

term of Virginia State Court Judges

8years-appeals and circuit, 6 years- district- can be re-elected

due process amendments

5 and 14

due process

the right of the U.S. citizens to be treated fairly by their government

the executive branch...

enforces the law

the judicial branch...

interprets the law

the legislative branch

makes the laws

judicial review

The power of a court to determine the constitutionality of a law

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