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  1. arraignment
  2. misdemeanor
  3. circuit court trait
  4. the judicial branch...
  5. prosecutor
  1. a a less serious crime
  2. b process during which appears before a court to enter a plea
  3. c person who represents the government side in a court case
  4. d suspect has choice if jury or just a judge
  5. e interprets the law

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  1. if no bill, it is over
  2. serving on a jury
  3. preliminary hearing date
  4. the authority of some courts to review decisions and by lower courts
  5. magistrate

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  1. jury foremanserving on a jury


  2. verdicta decision of jury


  3. due processthe right of the U.S. citizens to be treated fairly by their government


  4. probable causethe reason for an arrest, based on the knowledge of a crime and the available evidence


  5. officer testifies again in front ofprobable cause