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  1. plantiff
  2. felony
  3. at preliminary hearing...
  4. then they go to
  5. arraignment
  1. a process during which appears before a court to enter a plea
  2. b serious crime, such as homicide and kidnapping
  3. c the person or company filing the complaint in a civil law suit
  4. d all players ( officer, judge, prosecutor, defense, accused, bailiff) are there. officer testifies to probable cause and facts(who, what, where, when, etc.) and is questioned by the attorneys, accused enters plea
  5. e trial

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  1. if no bill, it is over
  2. lets go on own recognizance
  3. court cases involving disputes over money or property between individuals or businesses
  4. a decision of jury
  5. Circuit court trial

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  1. probable causethe reason for an arrest, based on the knowledge of a crime and the available evidence


  2. officer presents...probable cause


  3. defendanta person accused of crime in a court case


  4. circuit court traitsuspect has choice if jury or just a judge


  5. attorneyserious crime, such as homicide and kidnapping