Chapter 12: Rings, Moons, and Pluto - Jupiter's Moons


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What are the moons of Jupiter founded by Galileo?
Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto
What are some basic properties of Io?
1. It is the innermost moon of Jupiter.
What are some basic properties of Europa?
1. 2nd innermost moon of Jupiter.
2. No impact craters mean it is young with erosion.
What is true about Jupiter's moons in relation to distance?
The farther out you go, the higher the ice content.
What color is Io's surface and what is it caused by?
Yellow surface
Caused by sulfur and sulfur compoudnds
What do Io's dark spots indicate? Why are they significant?
-The volcanoes erupt constantly and resurface Io.
-Io is the most volcanic body in the Solar System.
What is Europa covered in?
Water ice, several kilometers thick.
What is beneath the surface of Europa?
Salt water oceans and magnetic fields/infared.
What is tidal heating?
-The varying distortions of tides cause friction inside the moons.
-The friction causes the moons to heat up.
What is a tide?
The gravity on a planet's near side is stronger tan its far side.
How does tidal heating impact Io?
Elliptical orbit is constantly changing in strength/direction from Jupiter's tidal force.
-The changing tides cause tidal heating.
How does tidal heating impact Europa?
There is low tidal heating but not enough to have a liquid subsurface.
What are some basic properties of Ganymede?
-Lots of ice
-Evidences of tectonic features
-May have liquid water
What are some basic properties of Callisto?
-It has a heavily cratered surface
-It is geologically dead
-It has ice and ice-poor materials