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  1. Translocation
  2. Selective Permeability
  3. Mitotic Phase
  4. Endosymbiosis
  5. Receptor-meditated endocytosis
  1. a during protein synthesis, movement of tRNA molecule from A site to P site on a ribosome
  2. b part of the cell cycle when the nucleus is divided, its chromosomes are distributed to the daughter nuclei, and cytoplasm divided, producing two daughter cells
  3. c process by which mitochondria and chloroplasts of eukaryotic cells were formerly small prokaryotes that began living within larger cells
  4. d membranes allow some substances to cross more easily than others
  5. e movement of specific molecules into a cell by inward budding of membranous vesicles

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  1. manufactures membranes, attached ribosomes produce proteins
  2. all living things are composed of cells and all cells come from other cells (discovered through microorgansims)
  3. organelle that is involved in metabolic functions
  4. present in plants, convert solar energy to chemical energy in sugars
  5. approximate total mass of an atom (sum of protons and neutrons)

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  1. Anchorage Dependencerequirement that to divide, a cell must be attached to a solid surface


  2. Metaphasespread of cancer cells beyond their original state


  3. Trace Elementselements that are essential, but only in minute quantities


  4. Resolutionunion of the nucleus of a sperm cell with the nucleus of the egg cell


  5. Hydrolysiscells break bonds between monomers by adding water to them