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  1. Phagocytosis
  2. Tumor
  3. Homologous Chromosomes
  4. Goal of Science vs. Goal of Technology
  5. Phospholipid
  1. a abnormal mass of cells that forms within otherwise normal tissue
  2. b major component of cell membranes
  3. c Technology: apply scientific knowledge for specific purpose
    Science: understand natural phenomena
  4. d two chromosomes that make up a matched pair in a diploid cell
  5. e cellular "eating"; a type of endocytosis when cell engulfs other cells

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  1. protein secreted by certain body cells that stimulates other cells to divide
  2. make water molecules cohesive, creating surface tension and allowing water to move
  3. requirement that to divide, a cell must be attached to a solid surface
  4. exchange of segments between chromatids of homologous chromosomes during synapsis in prophase I of meiosis
  5. cellular "drinking"; type of endocytosis when cell takes in fluid

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  1. Hydrogen Bondswhen two ions with opposite charges attract each other and are held together


  2. Enzymespeeds up chemical reactions in a cell; missing a necessary enzyme could lead to lactose-intolerance


  3. Buffersassembles ribosomes


  4. Muscle and Nerve Cellslargest cells in human body


  5. Fluid Mosaicdescription of membrane structure, cellular membrane has diverse proteins in small strands