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  1. Binary Fission
  2. Receptor-meditated endocytosis
  3. Active Transport
  4. Cytoskeleton
  5. Elements
  1. a prokaryotic reproduction by dividing in half (type of cell division)
  2. b movement of specific molecules into a cell by inward budding of membranous vesicles
  3. c substances that cannot be broken down to other substances by ordinal chemical means
  4. d network of protein fibers in cytoplasm of a eukaryotic cell
  5. e movement of a substance across a biological membrane against its concentration gradient, aided by transport proteins and requiring energy

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  1. contains DNA that carries cells hereditary blueprint and directs its activities
  2. organism sexually reproducing - cell containing two homologous sets of chromosomes, one from each parent (2n)
  3. make water molecules cohesive, creating surface tension and allowing water to move
  4. location of DNA of prokaryotic cell
  5. chromosome that determines sex of a baby

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  1. Karyotypedisplay of micrographs of the metaphase chromosomes of a cell, arranged by size and centromere position


  2. Eukaryotic Cellcell that has membrane-enclosed nucleus; all organisms except bacteria and archaea are eukaryotic


  3. Ribosomescomposed of ribosomal RNA and proteins, synthesize proteins according to directions from DNA


  4. Carbohydrateconsists of monosaccharides, disaccharides and monosaccharides


  5. Endergonic Reactionsenergy-requiring chemical reaction, which yields products with more potential energy than the reactants