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  1. Main fuel of a cell
  2. Tumor
  3. Telophase
  4. Vacuoles
  5. DNA
  1. a monosaccharide
  2. b abnormal mass of cells that forms within otherwise normal tissue
  3. c helps the plant cell grow by absorbing water and enlarging
  4. d fifth and final stage of mitosis
  5. e deoxyribonucleic acid; blueprint for building organisms

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  1. cell containing a single set of chromosomes (n)
  2. diffusion of a substance across a biological membrane
  3. number of protons in each atom of a particular element
  4. human genetic disorder resulting from presence of an extra chromosome 21 (trisomy 21)
  5. division of cytoplasm to form two separate daughter cells

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  1. Genetic Recombiantionproduction, by crossing over, of offspring with allele combinations different from those in the parents


  2. Magnificationunion of the nucleus of a sperm cell with the nucleus of the egg cell


  3. Lysosomesstructures that contain of an organism's DNA


  4. Sex Chromosomeschromosome that determines sex of a baby


  5. Muscle and Nerve Cellslargest cells in human body