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  1. Hydrogen Bonds
  2. Telophase
  3. Polysaccharide
  4. Duplication
  5. Mitosis
  1. a division of a single cell nucleus into two genetically identical daughter nuclei
  2. b make water molecules cohesive, creating surface tension and allowing water to move
  3. c repetition of part of a chromosome resulting from fusion with a fragment from homologous chromosome
  4. d polymers of monosaccharides linked together by dehydration reactions
  5. e fifth and final stage of mitosis

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  1. water-loving and soluble in water
  2. bacteria, eukareya, archaea
  3. the hierarchy of life
    biosphere - ecosystem - community - population - organism - all the way down to molecule
  4. fourth stage of mitosis
  5. hydrophobic, includes fats, phospholipids, ans steroids

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  1. Covalent Bondsloss of one or more nucleotides from a gene by mutation


  2. Endocytosiscellular uptake of molecules


  3. R. Hookechromosome not directly involved in determining sex of an organism


  4. Cleavage Furrowfirst sign of cytokinesis during cell division in an animal cell; shallow groove in cell


  5. Biologystudy of life