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Ottoman Empire

nation that Greece gains its independence from, upsets the balance of power in Europe

Catholic Religion

common binding factor for the Italians

Giuseppe Mazzini

founder of Young Italy, 'soul of the Italian Unification'

Camillo Benso Cavour

Prime Minister under Victor Emmanuel II, a brilliant diplomat who made an alliance with France to help throw off Austrian domination

Nice and Savoy

territories that France gained for helping the Italians throw off Austrian domination


Italian movement for unification, a resurgence in Italian nationalism, also a publication


'sword of the Italian Unification', conquers Southern Italy and forces French Troops out of Rome

Red Shirts

Name for Garibaldi's army

Constitutional Monarchy

type of government Italy had right after the unification

Prince Metternich

conservative Prince of Austria


type of government Young Italy wanted

Young Italy

secret organization that wanted to end Austrian Domination and create a democratic form of government

Victor Emmanuel II

King of Sardinia-Piedmont who Italy was united under


Ruled over Rome until 1871

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